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August 4th, 2009, 04:01 PM
Hi ubunteros,
I'm looking a netbook for ubuntu, not if how a why install ubuntu on a netbook. However, what hardware choose ? I need to have ideas clear with your help.

1/ After a research, I understood that I have to choose a hardware compatible with eeebuntu, or Easy Peasy, or Moblin (version 1, but the version 2 is based from Fedora), or ubuntu netbook remix (UNR)... What is the best for the future ? It seems that only UNR is bear by canonical, so it's probably the best choice. What's the schedule ?

2/ There are a lot of hardware compatible with ubuntu : Dell Inspiron Mini Series, Asus eeepc, Toshiba NB100, Acer Aspire One, Archos 10 ubuntu... But all the netbooks don't work with linux... By example, the last eeepc that works is 1000H, not the next ?
In this forum, there is a section to dell support. Is dell inspiron mini10v is the best choice of the moment ?

3/ What is the best hardware to protect our environment ? It seems that minipc are the best choice, but builder of minipc are not greener from greepeace :http://www.greenpeace.org/international/campaigns/toxics/electronics

4/ Links :
Comparaison of netbook distributions : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Netbook_Distributions
Hardware compatible with UNR :
Canonical announce support for moblin v. 2 : http://www.ubuntu.com/news/canoical-commits-ubuntu-moblin
Laptop testing team for ubuntu : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam
Notebook documentation (fr) : http://www.blogeee.net/codex/index.php?title=Accueil
Notebook documentation (en) : http://www.eeejournal.com/2008/12/netbook-feature-database.html
Comparaison with your criteriums : http://netbooktable.dejadomain.com

OK, I don,'t want to launch a huge debate, just get help to choose my next PC, and share this experience.

Thanks a lot,

PS : sorry for my not native english, but you're welcome to correct me.