View Full Version : [ubuntu] Testing Power Supply Manually

July 30th, 2009, 12:03 AM
Im testing to see if my friend's power supply is bad, i dont have an automated tester so i looked up how to manually test power supplys and it said short the green wire to a black wire in the 24-pin connector so i can turn on the psu without it conected to a computer, so i used a paper clip to short it out, then test the 4-pin molex connectors for 12v and 5v, my readings on all the molex connectors are 1/4th a volt above normal and i was wondering if 1/4th above 5v and 12v is normal or not? or would that mean the power supply is bad? i tested the ram and the ram is ok, i get the errors in windows about generic host process ended unexpectedly and random crashes happen, and in linux random programs will stop running too i was thinking this was the ram but ram tested ok and i was also thinking motherboard, so the store is testing the motherboard to see if it needs replacement, i find out tomorrow their results, but i thought id go ahead and test the power supply while i had the time, anyways, any help is greatly appreciated :)