View Full Version : [ubuntu] Partition read write error

July 29th, 2009, 04:21 PM
I am having a problem with a partition constantly stopping me from writing to it.

I have a partition called DSK2_sdb7 on hard disk 2 that contains all my music files.
This partition will some times allow me to write, move and copy files to it. Then the next time I access the drive it is either showing locks on all the files in the partitions directories or refuses to allow me to overight or delete the files. Even though there is nothing indicating the files are locked. There are no program s trying to access that drive at the time this happens, it just appears to be random.
The properties for the partition show it as being owned by root, the same as all the other partitions on this and drive 1.
Has anyone come across this and or resolved the issue?