View Full Version : [ubuntu] Linksys WPC54G V 3.1 HALP!

Dylan Bartlett
July 3rd, 2009, 03:12 PM
Hey I recently installed ubuntu (Hardy Heron 8.04..2 LTS) onto my Acer Travelmate 2410 and i am having issues getting my Linksys WPC54G version 3.1 wireless card to work. I have trawled through lots of threads and i cant think of anything else to do but ask personally. I just re-installed ubuntu so i have nothing but that on the system. I know these sort of questions get asked quite a lot but i would really apreciate the help. If anyone could advise me i would be grateful


edit: It seems that i fixed it. Mustve been my old install that wasnt letting it work. Please close this thread