View Full Version : [ubuntu] mobile phone works as a modem but no VPN

July 1st, 2009, 10:23 AM

I'm using ubuntu 9.04 on a Lenovo R500 laptop.

First, I configured VPN client through GUI Network Connections to connect to my workplace so I can work at home. It works fine 100%.

Then I configured my mobile phone (Nokia E71) to connect laptop to the Internet where I don't have any other option. I did this with wvdial.

Problem: I can start pptp through Bluetooth and I get connected to Internet, but I cannot use my VPN connection. In GUI, the option to connect to VPN is grayed out. Probable reason is GUI application doesn't know I'm connected to Internet.

I can see how to resolve this in two different ways:

1) "transfer" configuration of bluetooth connection to GUI app so it can start it and see I'm connected. How to do this?

2) manually start vpn connection in terminal but I cannot find where are the files where it is configured?

I'm noob but not total noob :-)