View Full Version : [ubuntu] iPod Touch podcast management?

July 1st, 2009, 06:32 AM
I just got my iPod set to wirelessly sync with my machine, and I was wondering if there's a program out there that is compatible with the iPod Touch podcast directory? I haven't done a lot of searching yet, but amarok just plain doesn't realize that it exists, and gtkpod has a set folder for podcasts in the right pane, but none of my currently downloaded podcasts show up there. Am I just missing something, or is that functionality just not supported yet?

Also, I just noticed that gtkpod is rehashing every time i start it up, any good way to keep that nonsense from happening?

Aaaaaaand, either amarok or gtkpod just ate my on device iTunes DB. they can both see songs, but the iPod can't. Woo.