View Full Version : [ubuntu] Best 802.11n Performance (2.4GHz)

June 30th, 2009, 09:06 PM

I would like to achieve the best performance that I can using 802.11n with a laptop, and was looking for some suggestions or advice as to what to try next.

Currently, I have tried some performance testing in Ubuntu 9.04 with a D-Link DWA-652 (PC card) and with an Intel 4965AGN (mini PCI-e). I selected these cards because they are supported in Ubuntu, as I do not want to use ndiswrapper.

However, when connected to a Linksys WRT300N 802.11n router, and observing performance results using Iperf, I am only seeing ~15Mbps throughput, to another laptop that is on the same network (sitting on the same table actually). This was done on multiple channels, to eliminate the possibility of interference with other devices (no other devices were detected on the channels that I used).

To achieve the best data rates in Ubuntu using 802.11n, would you suggest that I try a different router, or a different wireless card? I want to use this in the 2.4GHz spectrum (not 5GHz), and can use either a PC card or a mini-PCI-express card.