View Full Version : [ubuntu] Creatures Docking Station install

June 29th, 2009, 04:00 AM
hello i'm trying to install creatures docking station on ubuntu (8.04) and i've gone to various websites/forums/threads and have tried different approaches and what not and i still cant get it. this is my last and latest message that i always receive:

Docking Station InstallBlast

Installing off filesystem /home/calvimmm/Desktop/dockingstation_195_64/.

Checking for updates...

Current linux_x86_glibc21 build: linux_x86_glibc21_64
Latest linux_x86_glibc21 build: linux_x86_glibc21_64
Nothing to update for linux_x86_glibc21

Making 'dockingstation' executable link...

Current global build:
Latest global build: dsbuild 195
Updating to latest version
Updating global data to latest version

Getting files from dsbuild 195/global/ to /home/calvimmm/DockingStation
Converting images to local format
Finished global update

Rerunning to check for network updates
trap: 119: SIGINT: bad trap


please help. i just want to play creatures like i did when i was a kid.