View Full Version : [ubuntu] Sound issues with ubuntu

June 21st, 2009, 05:56 AM
I'm a completely new Linux convert with running the newest version of ubuntu and I thought that my sound wasn't working. So I looked for a thread that could give me some help, however, I did not realize before I tried messing with the terminal that my sound was merely muted. So after I unmuted the sound it still wasn't working and now I have no sound whatsoever. I lost the link to the thread that I was following and was copy and pasting from into the terminal and now I think I uninstalled the sound driver completely becuase I ran this command: apt-cache policy alsa. And this is the output it returned:
Installed: (none)
Candidate: (none)
Version table:
Im really at the end of my rope here, I have no idea how to reinstall these deleted drivers if that indeed is what the problem is. Any help would be much appreciated!