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June 1st, 2009, 01:44 PM
I have installed Eclipse on my computer with CDT and all works good. But I have one problem: I want to develop with eclipse also PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript. Is there a plugin that it works? I have tried PHPEclipse, but it don't work good on my pc.
I do not know what would be better: Try another plugin, or try out if I get phpeclipse working... The Problem by PHPEclipse is that when I make a new PHP-File, this error came out: http://www.pixload.net/t-4614ec42fb4e5a86d48447b1c2af8478.png (http://www.pixload.net/s-4614ec42fb4e5a86d48447b1c2af8478-png.php)
I have maked a screenshot...
But where can I see the Error.log?