View Full Version : [kubuntu] problem with kubuntu 8.10 on HP EliteBook 8530w

May 7th, 2009, 08:38 PM
I installed Kubuntu 8.10 on my HP EliteBook 8530w. At first the install menu could not be loaded the computer paused at loading something to do with ACPI so I just started the installation with the ACPI=off option and it worked. I also added this option both to the normal and recovery boot options.
After I started my newly installed Kubuntu it couldn't load successfully(normal boot) - it started, showed me the login screen, I entered my pass, the screen changed and it loaded to a point where the animated pointer for loading froze. When I tried to open for example the Kubuntu menu it took about 5 minutes for it to be drawn. I gave up waiting and restarted in recovery mode. There everything seemed alright(although after some restarts I got the same freeze in recovery). I worked out a way to start in normal mode- simply first drop to admin console instead of logging in, write some commands then exit and log in everything went well that way(although it is not nice solution). However now after some restarts and after installing some updates even that ugly solution does not work - the computer freezes before prompting for my user name and pass.
Does anyone know how to fix this? (I guess more information is needed but don't know what...)