View Full Version : [all variants] cyber gaming centres proof of concept

April 26th, 2009, 05:14 PM
hi all,

Need help in seeing whether it is feasible to do the following : -

Using vmwares or some other virtualisation package to run a small multi-config 20 pc cyber gaming centre setup. Was looking at ESX vmware server to downstream virtual windows xp pro OS to each of the 20 pc in a gigalan environment. Will it bottleneck at the client pc level or yield other unforeseeable load balancing issues or will it abstracts at the hardware level and even out the performance of all the 20 different powered pcs. Plan to install all 20 PC with ubuntu desktop linux OS and virtual load the windows OS on top of the linux.

Is there a free gaming session (for time accounting) timing linux server software also.

Need to come out with a execution plan urgently and appreciate all your inputs.

As i'm very new to this virtualisation exercise, please pardon if asking stupid questions.