View Full Version : [ubuntu] J-pilot crashing

April 19th, 2009, 03:47 AM
J-pilot has suddenly started crashing on launch. It was running "fine" (as fine as it ever was) and as of a couple days ago it started failure at launch . I have done a total remove with Synaptic pkg mgr twice (one reg,one total remove) and reinstalled J-pilot with no change, I get the following off the system log
Apr 18 22:25:34 Thinkpad3 kernel: [43004.235794] jpilot[433]: segfault at 082d8000 eip b7edc5c5 esp bf99eec0 error 4

I may be smart enough to run Ububtu on all our systems and server,but I am not smart enough to go digging into error codes without help .