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April 14th, 2009, 07:24 AM
Hi All,

We have a server in our college.
From windows I access it as follows:

Server Name: (just for example)
go to run type \\
authentication window popup and ask for authentication
usename: abc_domain\unme
passwd: <what ever passwd>
and I get the access to the server.

How can I access from ubuntu.
I tried this:

Places -> connect to server --> windows share (I guess this is the one to connect to windows 2000 server)

server name: (we dont have name)
Folder (left it I need access to all folders)
UserName: tried unme and abc_domain\unme
Domain Name: abc_domain
and pressed connect
I got authentication window but after that got the error and i was not able to connect.

Is there some mistake I am making.
Is there some way around for this.