View Full Version : [ubuntu] Samaba help shareing folder

April 9th, 2009, 10:01 PM
Hi all

I made a share in unbuntu called \\server\home

and its mapped \home on the unbuntu server

I made a group grp-backup

comment = Backup Drive
path = /home
browseable = no
writeable = yes
write list = @grp-backup
read only = no

veto files = /.recycle/
vfs object = recycle
hide dot files = yes

force directory mode = 0770
force create mode = 0660
force group = grp-backup

valid users = @grp-backup
invalid users =

The problem is that though i can see all the users home drives i dont have permissions to read inside

what do i need to change to have the grp-backup have read or read/write access to the drives and not messup the owners (aka the users) permissions?

thanks if you can help