View Full Version : [other] M50 Wireless Problem After Dropping

April 9th, 2009, 05:23 PM
Hi everybody, I just found this site.

I'll get right to it. I dropped my toshiba M50 and ended up having hard drive problems. I took it to Dr. computer and had him save most all of my data. He upped my memory and restored my data back onto the notebook. However he told me that the wirless card may have burnt out. Is that possible. I had a Atheros 802.11 b/g controller. None of the original programs were able to be put back on the notebook. Is there a way of checking wheather the internal wireless card is still good or not? Plus where would I find the software for the Atheros program? thanks!

P.S. I might add that the external wireless switch light worked before i took it to him.