View Full Version : [ubuntu] HP Pavilion tx2513cl

April 9th, 2009, 11:48 AM
Hi. I saw this laptop on sale for $700 and it looks great. I've noticed a ton of threads here about other HP tablet PCs, but none about this specific model. So I'm at a loss about its Ubuntu compatibility.

My question is this: With the 9.04 beta, what works out of the box and what doesn't? A table listing the good and the bad would be ideal (I'm especially concerned about getting the touchscreen and wireless to work properly). And then what exactly would I need to do to get the other bits working?

Thanks in advance for your help. And please focus in on this specific model.

April 9th, 2009, 06:46 PM
Hi donnellymp,

You got a great deal!

Assuming it's the same as other TX2500's: Wacom digitizer with touch and ATI graphics. And not HP renaming the TX2z with the N-trig digitizer (shouldn't be at that price). You should be able to get pretty much everything set up in Intrepid.

With Jaunty I'm not sure anyone can answer your question yet. I've helped a couple serial tablet pc's set up, but so far not much luck with usb tablet pc's like you have. They upgraded from Xorg Xserver 1.5 (in Intrepid) to 1.6. It seems to have made some changes to how xorg.conf works that we haven't figured out. Plus there are rapid changes happening. See:


I'm sure we'll know more in a few days or at most a week or two.