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April 7th, 2009, 06:53 AM
I've been happily using Hardy for the past 8 months on my laptop but there are some things that happen that make me, well, furious. I'm sure a lot of it's probably my fault for not setting things up correctly but I feel like ranting.

1) I've currently got my laptop hooked up to an external monitor via VGA and sometimes it does some really weird things, particularly when coming out of sleep or when waking the monitor up (I have it turn off after 30 min). I can't really think of any other way to explain it other than "glitching", the screen kinda shifts ~50 pixels to the left or right and back, this happens in a fraction of a second and every 10 minutes. It's kind of a pain. Even worse is sometimes the monitor just goes blank. Awesome. I lose everything I'm working on/viewing/whatever and have to logoff/restart and unplug the vga cable.

2) Mplayer blows major chunks. Countless of times it's just straight up frozen my computer for god knows what reason. The best was when there was 15 minutes left in a movie and it just stopped, yay. Probably gonna switch to VLC.

3) Screenlets, I love them but gotdamn I hate them. There are a few of them that I don't want loading on startup anymore and unchecking that option, "deleting" the screenlets by right clicking and removing the files from .config don't do anything. Love it.

4) Evince, sometimes when I try to load a pdf it...doesn't load. This problem is usually fixed by closing that evince window and reopening the file but there have been a few times where it's just plain refused to open.

I guess I'm looking for help as much as I feel like ranting because my monitor just went blank in the middle of studying.


April 7th, 2009, 07:14 AM
Eccentric monitor behavior is often a reflection of the graphics driver being used. Perhaps that would be your first consideration. This may also contribute to the problems you are having with movie playback.

But .... perhaps you want to defer for a few weeks... since Jaunty 9.04 will shortly be released and since that does have good broad driver support then perhaps an upgrade would be a painless way of staying up to date and resolving the challenges?