View Full Version : [ubuntu] Sunbird settings location with Lightning

March 31st, 2009, 06:45 AM
I just got Sunbird and configured some stuff. Then, I got the Lightning extension so that I can also use Sunbird from Thunderbird. The problem, however, is that these two instances of Sunbird do not use the same settings, and I want them to.

Therefore, I searched for the two different sets of settings, and I only found one (the non-Lightning one). Where are the settings stored for Lightning? They don't appear to be in the extensions settings for Thunderbird, nor do they appear to be in the normal Sunbird folder. Maybe I'm missing something.

If I could find the location of both sets of settings I would want to make a link to one from the other so that they could share settings dynamically.

I'm using Ubuntu, Jaunty (the beta 64-bit version).