View Full Version : [ubuntu] Adding text in scribus?

March 31st, 2009, 05:04 AM
I can create guides, text areas, etc. very easily in Scribus, and can select fonts, but when I want to add text, it simply won't work.

Even if I edit the story and type text in, it will not appear in the text box after I submit the text.

My workaround is to paste text in, then highlight the text to change it. That seems to work. If I hit the "end" key to go to the end of the line and add new text, it doesn't work... I have to select the last character, re-type it, and then continue the sentence I was working on.

I know I must be missing some configuration setting somewhere, or perhaps my python install isn't working? (I get an obscure scripting error on Scribus startup, but I just click OK and the program loads.)

Has anyone else had a similar problem?