View Full Version : What new software/updates are you looking forward to?

March 30th, 2009, 05:18 PM
1. conky
I recently switched from VLC to MOC (Music on Console player) which is even smaller, and less resource demanding than VLC. You run it from the terminal, it's simply a great minimalistic music player. I currently have a script that lets conky display the artist/title info, but as of next stable release of Conky, the resource demanding script is no longer necessary, since the current test-version have full moc-player support, Excellent! (current conky in the Ubuntu repos is 1.6.1)

2. DosBox
The second update I'm looking forward to is DOSBox. In the current version (0.72) the arrow keys don't work properly (in intrepid 8.10), which renders the whole program useless. DOSBox is a GREAT program, that emulates the old DOS, 25 MHz Computer, and thus allows you to run all those games that still, to this day, outclasses anything. Back in the days they made excellent games, because you could not simply rely on flashy graphics. Nothing can outclass Civilization 1, or Commander Keen 1-3, or UFO and its follow up, Terror from the Deep. Or the excellent space-simulator Elite, and all its followers, (Elite +, Encounters, Final Frontier). Imagine, a game less than 10 MB, but still to this day no one has explored the entire game-galaxy! Games today are just computer-killing graphics. I remember my parents forbidding me to play such violent games as Wolfenstein 3D!

You can download all these games for free from the excellent www.abandonia.com -site. I feel a bit dirty talking about how great DOS is in a Linux-forum, but since most of these games are free today, I hope you can overlook this for now.

3. Jaunty?
Well, all good things come in three, so I have to be really unimaginative and just add Jaunty to my third place.

By the way, does anyone know when the new stable conky will be released, or DosBox for that matter?