View Full Version : [ubuntu] How to broadcast Line-in to an internetradio

March 29th, 2009, 11:24 AM
Hi folks!

I have a little complicated ( or maybe not ) question.
I'm makeing an internetradio with two compters.
1; P3-450, 512 SDRAM, Integrated Sound, Lan, Video, 4 GB HDD, CD
2; P3-900, 256 DDR, GF 440 MX, 5.1 SoundCard, LAN, 15GB HDD, DVD
At the begining both was useing Windows 2000.

On the first computer only an IceCast2 server was present, nothing else was needed.
On the other I was useing Winamp + Edcast to broadcast the sound. Edcast was extremely important for me because we're useing a whole lot of musicplayers ( 2 CD Players, 1 Casette player, 1 Bakelit disk player, 2 Microphonne :guitar: ). These are all pluged into a Behringer Eurorack and on the main out we sent the sound out to the secound computers line-in.
Edcast was able to receve sount via the line-in and could easily configure it with Icecast2. But when Ubutu 8.10 came out it changed everything.
I fallen in love with Ubuntu :redface: ( before I used SUSE and UHU ) and installed in the secound computer thinking that "ther shure will be a program same to Edcast". Well ... after 2 months of search I did't find anything :(
Internet DJ Console was pretty good, but the sount sent by the program was terrible. It was like then a terminator gets rusty.
I think it was because the computers performance. For the winamp replacement I can use a whole bunch of programs, it's no question ( I think I'll use Amarok or Rythmbox )
No other programs I've foud that could broadcast Line-in to an icecast server. I'm shure I was LAME, but please guys, could you tell me the "magic words" of the program I need for my radio?

If I succeed with it, I'll start change the other computers operating system ... possibly I'll write back here again. :wink:

PS: I'm trieing to awoid the use of any windows program so please write sollutions that don't need wine with windows programs.