View Full Version : [ubuntu] Video/Audio Problems

March 27th, 2009, 02:21 AM
I have some annoying problems currently going on with my audio. It all started when I upgraded to Hardy.

At first I couldn't play audio on anything flash-based on Firefox without shutting down my music program and any other video/audio program completely. Eventually flash audio stopped altogether and I've been unable to hear the audio in youtube videos completely. It's not just flash, either. The only video player that can play the audio in video files is Totem; the others just show the video. And Totem plays the files choppy and sometimes out of sync. I'd love to fix these problems but I'm somewhat lost. Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: forgot to mention, apps like Skype don't work right either.

March 27th, 2009, 02:30 AM