View Full Version : [ubuntu] How do I set screen refresh rate

March 26th, 2009, 08:18 PM
Very new to Ubuntu and generally impressed but I am getting very frustrated with trying to set the screen refresh rate.

If I use Preferences>Screen Resolution

it announces that my monitor is Unknown and the available refresh rates are 50Hz and 51Hz

If I use Administration>Nvidia X Server Settings

it correctly identifies my monitor and offers me refresh options of Auto, 60Hz and 75Hz

However, using either of these programmes seems to be ignorred. My TFT monitor recports the actual refresh rate in its menu (on the monitor itself) and this is 60Hz regardless of anything set in Ubuntu.

Also I have tried adding extra Monitorlines in xorg.conf and these are ignorred.

So somewhat bemused, that Ubuntu seems to be struggling with something so basic.

Why does it have two programmes that report totally different status. Why doesn't any of them appear to have any effect at all.

I guess I should be happy with 60Hz but I wanted to set it to 75Hz and the fact that Ubuntu appears to be incapable of such a thing is like a challenge to me.

So what, if anything am I doing wrong or missing?