View Full Version : [ubuntu] 2nd display has stopped working?

March 25th, 2009, 07:37 PM
hey peeps, im new here, basically ive been using 2 displays (1 normal 19" monitor for main use, and my 40" samsung hdtv for any videos that i have downloaded as its easier/better to watch)
it was working fine for ages then 1 day i tryed to watch a film like normal and it just didnt reconise the 2nd display and i cant seem to configure it as it does not reconise it atall.
ive tryed all the basics like unplugging etc all the cable.
the only thing i can think of is maybe a update has changed something?
any help would b much appreciated, thanks

any info u need just ask :D


March 26th, 2009, 01:05 AM
connected thru s video if that helps?

March 26th, 2009, 03:37 AM
what version of ubuntu, kubuntu, xubuntu, etc are you running?
what release are you running; 8.04, 8.10, 9.04, etc?
what video card do you have; ati, nvidia, etc?
what driver are you using; nv, nvidia, etc?