View Full Version : C&C 95 sound stuttering

Lord Stig
March 24th, 2009, 09:19 PM
I run Command and Conquer (yes, the original - I still love it!) in Wine - the Windows 95 variety (I have enabled Windows 95 compatibility). It runs really well (can't get it to run on XP, though - missing some DLL file apparently) except for two fairly annoying things.
1) Sound is stuttery. Constantly. I often turn the in-game music off. You get about three to four seconds between each stutter and then about a tenth of a second of silence. This continues throughout. Sometimes, when I've been playing long enough, the sound just cuts out all together.
2) Crashing at "Mission accomplished" message. This has only happened once or twice in the twenty-ish times I've used it, but can still be annoying. It just freezes, with no error message appearing. I save my games near the end of a mission anyway, so less annoying.

It does some odd things occasionally, like the mouse disappears, and each time a menu appears (main menu or in-game menu) you can see it quickly 'draw' each icon on the screen, but these things don't bother me too much.

Any ideas greatly appreciated, but I can make do. At least I have it running!

March 24th, 2009, 09:26 PM
You can try installing the version from the "first decade" DVD, it should have windows XP support and might work better in wine.