View Full Version : 64 bit jaunty, 32bit wine question

March 18th, 2009, 05:45 PM
Will it be possible to install either 32bit or 64bit wine in 64bit jaunty from the repos without having to do anything special?

As I understand it now, if you install wine in 64bit Ubuntu, it will be 64bit wine. To get 32bit wine in 64bit jaunty requires a compile and manual install.

I have done compiles and installations manually but for very frequently updated software like wine this gets to be a real pain. It would be very, very nice if both a 32bit and 64bit wine were available in the repos for the 64bit jaunty.

With both java and flash available in 64bit, the wine issue if you have to maintain 32bit windows support is the only thing holding me back from going 64bit.