View Full Version : [ubuntu] Install Using Netboot using local network

March 15th, 2009, 05:20 AM
hi all , I have an embedded box and i want to install ubuntu 8.10 on it , my embedded box have only one IDE port that I install DiskOnModule on it ,
I am trying to install linux ( ubuntu 8.10 ) on it , I can boot this box using PXE bootroom and I can see boot logo and cli interface after boot from TFTP
any one can help me how I can give CD-Rom path on local ftp or local http for example to enable me to install without connct to internet ?
now after PXE boot rom ubuntu try to connect to internet and install package from internet , but i want to install alla package from local http server , where I can give path and with path I should give to ubuntu to boot from local http ,

awaiting for your help

Thank so much

Omid Hosseini