View Full Version : [ubuntu] setting up as a router/firewall

March 4th, 2009, 04:57 AM
What I want to do eventually is take one of my old pcs and throw my spare nic cards in it and give it a wap and make it into a router with ubuntu. I have looked at a few of the other distros specifically for routing/nat such as ipcop but they don't look like too much fun. Before I do that though I want to learn as much about routing/nat/firewalls as I can. Right now I have a wireless router and my ubuntu desktop connected to it and then I have my internet being shared to my xbox 360 via firestarter and internet share. I have everything working wonderfully but before I start delving into a larger network I want to be able to view ip connections on other devices rather than just my main internet connection being "wlan0" so I guess my main question is what is a good program that I can use to view ip connections for each etho device I have rather than just the main one? I have tried net activity viewer and it doesnt' seem to be of much help. Just shows other connections directly to my pc and not my 360 if I am on xbl.


in simplist words I want to be able to monitor my network traffic for every ethernet port I have, and all bits of network traffic that are moniterable

[edit 2]

I have searched and read and read some more and have configured a system that I am very pleased with. I decided to ditch firestarter and now use iptables and I can just log everything that happens with it. Also to see current active connections I can just use karpski for a gui and still looking for a decent terminal based one.