View Full Version : [ubuntu] Imac Slot Loader actory hardware Ubuntu Kubuntu , and performance

February 16th, 2009, 10:51 PM
I have a stock imac slot loader and installed ubuntu 6.06 PPC /. Later I wanted to try the KDE interface and installed kubunto. I now have a machoine that changes between KDE and Gnome. 64Meg origina blue slot loading imac.

Here are nmy finding so far

Definitely faster. Some features can be turned off more easily that affect performace for instance shading on vertical columns , and previewing of icons.

Using the embedded mplayer for KDE and Kaffiene, I am able to play *most DIVX/Xvid files at 640x480, with only slightly jerky motion.

Accessing SMB server was unreliable. Aft7er renaming a file on a NAS unit all files in the folder no longer appeared in Konquererl I confirmed from a windows machine that the files were still on the NAS.

KDE has a faster more basic interface , but lacks somewhat. Great for a slower machine however. My Imac runs faster with this than it did with any other OS

Much slower than KDE, and seems to want to access all files on a hard disk before creating icons. I could not seem to turn this feature off. I suppose that after all icons are created it MIGHT run faster? I did however find this quite useful when I havd to try to rescue a Hard disk that had been scandisked and had all file****.chk file names. A very easy way to determine file type, independent of extension.

I found many quirks like trying to configure wifi , etc

Testing every possible solution all video playback was jerky, and in some cases completely stopped.

Accessing my SMB server was unreliable, and when worked was quite slow

More features, and easier to use than HDE , but a big performance hit