View Full Version : [ubuntu] iMac G3 Display turns off during first time booting

February 5th, 2009, 08:03 PM
Hello everyone,
i freshly installed Ubuntu 8.10 via alternate install CD on my old iMac G3 350 with 192 MB of RAM. Installation worked fine though the alreay known CD-Drive issue occured which i managed successfully.
After installation was finished, i removed the CD and waited for the System to reboot, what seemed to work well, yaboot boots as desired, after that the screen turns white and black text appears with the final line "returning from pro_init" (i think this is normal), then the screen turns black again and shows "Loading, please wait..." for a second, but then the display turns off (what can be heard) while the yellow light remains on.
No activity from now on.

Thanks for helping.