View Full Version : why no mythfrontend lirc debugger?

January 29th, 2009, 06:28 AM
I just spent 20 minutes trying to figure out why this ~/.lirc/mythtv entry:

remote = RM-VL600_8201
prog = mythtv
button = ok
config = space
repeat = 0
delay = 0

wasn't working, and finally figured out that it should have been Space instead of space. Sigh. Ok, that was my mistake, but an incredibly easy (and common) one to make. The hard part is that I didn't know when the changes I was making to the .lirc/mythtv file were taking effect. To test this I had to be watching a recording, fast forward it to get to 3X, and then press the "ok" button. In the end, to be sure that the changes would "take", I was stopping the frontend, the backend, and lirc, and then restarting them all. How much of that was actually necessary?

Dear developers, please add this mode:

Utilies/Setup -> Setup -> lirc debug

Once in that mode, it would echo lirc events and find potential problems, as in the present case:

(press "1" on remote)
in lirc debug
received "1" - valid key
(press "ok" on remote)
in lirc debug
received "space" - unknown key

This would be a lot more user friendly than the present system, which
tosses a warning message into /var/log/mythtv/mythfrontend.log.

lirc debug would also have options to show all the keys that have a defined meaning somewhere in Mythtv, and to reload whatever needs to be reloaded to pick up .lirc/mythtv changes.

Yes, I know about:

cd ~/.lirc
cp mythtv lirc_test
nedit lirc_test #change all mythtv -> lirc_test
ircat --config=.lirc_test lirc_test

In this case it wasn't helpful, because I wasn't picking up on the
case sensitivity. It just said "space", which was right (according
to the lirc_test file) but wrong (according to mythtv, and probably every other application.)