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January 23rd, 2009, 04:27 AM
unable to get the dvico nano **(nano+)** HDTV tuner usb dongle to work.

it shows up with lsusb

but nothing with dmesg grep | dvb

am using hardy and the firmware is located in /lib/firmware/

really stuck here becuase the usb tuner works amazingly well in windoze and i am really keen to get it to work in ubuntu because i have already been able to get the internal digital 4 card to work in another backend


I have searched for firmware for nano+ but unsuccessfull. Looks like the nano is ok and uses the same firmware as teh fusion dual digital 4 which works in another machine.

But the nano+ (blue coloured) is as yet unsupported.

If anyone knows where the firmware for the nano+ can be found for ubuntu please tell. The quality is windows is working well and it would be great to use it in ubuntu.