View Full Version : [gnome] Questions on evdev keycode definition and maping

January 21st, 2009, 08:27 AM
I just installed ubunto 8.10 on Tishiba R600. Running "xmodmap -pk"
I found some keycodes that are mapped to XF* keysyms are also used
in some keyboards in some circumstances. For example, 150 is mapped to XF86Sleep. But:

* It is used in xkb/keycodes/fujitsu
* It is used in xkb/keycodes/digital/lk
* It is used in xkb/keycodes/xfree86 (<I16> = 150; alias <COPY> = <I16>)

Will that cause a conflict ? Beside, I believe keycode 150 is
generated by a scan code from kernel driver in response to ACPI (Fn + F3)
stroke, does that mean the same scan code can be generated in a multiple
ways in this example ?

Also, in "xmodmap -pk", each keycode is mapped to 6 keysyms, but in
xkb/symbols/*, they are not mapped to that many (XF86Sleep is mapped up
to 2 keysyms in inet). Why is the difference and what causes a keycode
to map to 6 keysyms ?