View Full Version : [ubuntu] Black screen of death ubuntu 8.10

January 19th, 2009, 08:56 AM
hey I have a problem and need help, i dont know if its a hardware fault but everything i have tried failed

now here is the problem

recently i installed the new nvdia graphics driver 1.80 using the hardware softwre thingy (the one that find the driver you need and activates it)

then when it asked me too reboot it worked fine up until the point of the loading bar...
after the loading bar was nearly finished the screen goes black i dont see any lines i dont see anything just darkness and the keyboard works but is very slow (i pressed the num lock key and it takes a few seconds for it too light up)

and no rebbot or wating a bit for the pc too cool down works...

the only things that fixes it is if i go into recovery mode and use XFIX then it loads up fine....

i have tinkered with my pc looking at the xorg file and changing the driver to an early version and using envy to install the driver and i still get the same problem....right now i am using NO driver on my linux but i am willing too install one but i need help if you tell me what i need too post so that you can help me (i am a newb) like the xorg details.

i am using an nvidia5600fx at it has worked no problem for a long time but now it does not...

if this doesnt work can anyone suggest an alternative driver, honestly my pc is **** and its no good (i am going to buy a new one) but my online videos have greatly lost quality so if i can use an alternative driver and increase my flash video quality that is all i need....(flash hardware support etc)

thank you guys