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January 19th, 2009, 01:57 AM
I'm curious, as I'm a mod jumper. I like to try out mods to different games and sort of rate them on a scale in my mind. I'd be very pleased to hear what everybody else plays, as I'd like to try them out too :D.

Format: 1st is best, 5th is worst. Doesn't follow format of Top 5 or Worst 5; it just goes from Best to Worst. NOTE: I am multiplayer biased. I'd rather MP than SP. *These are just my opinions* I don't work for a press for a reason. I'd probably get the reds and blues mixed. (for the record, I'm slightly colorblind).

Quake III
1. Tremulous - As I'm a developer of a version of this, of course it's first. Fun, fast paced, and dynamic. I give Timbo credit for (mostly) perfecting the Humans vs. Aliens game. Very good community.
2. Nexuiz - Fast paced, simple, frag or capture gameplay. The community is really good.
3. OpenArena - Fun Quake III Arena remake. Can't say much else.
4. Urban Terror - Enjoyable for about half an hour, then I get bored. I've suffered countless weapons lag (move right, wait 3 seconds, then it moves with full animation). You can talk to people, they'll sort of talk back. IMHO, good if you've burned yourself on everything else.
5. WOP - Ewwwww... I've only found one or two servers, and everybody I've played against were just bots. Besides that, the models just make me sick-ish. It's just me though, I know people that love this game.

1. Team Fortress 2 - I don't need to say anything... but I shall. Your busy servers are full of knowledgeable, friendly players. Every few players are rude, but that's expected of anything when you get <17 year old players on, no offense to anybody. The game is full of cartoony characters, with somewhat pleasingly funny phrases (Soldier: Get on the point, Mister!). Not too serious, but not so cartoony to be childish. Any game that shows (albeit, cartoonish) gore need not become too un-serious :D

2. HL2-DM - Half Life 2 - Death Match; just go on coop and have fun. Weirdly, though, there have been an influx of seven year olds playing. I'm not saying this to be demeaning, I'm being serious. There are people that will understand why. Very fun game, nonetheless. I consider this a mod, just because HL2 wasn't originally considered a MP game. MP = Multiplayer by the way.

3. Zombie Panic: Source - This one sits in the middle. Survivors vs. Zombies. As you can imagine, Survivors have limited ammo, zombies have strangely explodable heads in front of guns. Zombies are very slow, don't do much damage, but can infect, on the off chance that the cake hasn't flown off your head yet.;)

4. Dystopia - Who needs physics, pfft... :) If you get the hang of this game, you'll love it. If you're like me and would like a clear definition of up and down, grab a bucket and hold off every couple of seconds.

5. D.I.P.R.I.P. - One server, laggy, somewhat slow. Some of the main players would rather you go live in a hole somewhere in the middle of the ocean. Yes there are holes in the ocean, I think. Everybody seems to live in some world where walking, holding a gun is enough skill to drive a car and shoot somewhere at the same time. Difference between those to are: With legs, I instantly stop moving when I stop, I don't take damage from hitting other... anything, possibly including air the way my health drops, and pressing left (a) will cause me to strafe, not make a 30 degree turn to the left, which by the way is much too far to turn if you're going for accuracy. This game features achievements, which are useless as they unlock nothing. To start you off, your first kill will score you an achievement. After you spend around half an hour doing that, the chances of you earning more are roughly the same as you getting struck by lightning, in a rubber raincoat and rubber boots, in a rubber room, inside of a rubber building, ten miles underground.

Post yours. I've played through just about everything, and I'm bored. Of anybody, the people here very knowledgeable and could have a very opinionated review. I like opinions :)

If it helps any, set this to the voice of Yahtzee Croshaw and remove all punctuation. Seems to read better to me.

January 19th, 2009, 03:50 AM
sourceforts was fun, until the developers basically ran off and now the game is just who can exploit the physics engine the best and do crazy trick jumps which you should not be able to do.

hl2:ctf is a fun (although kinda dead at the moment) mod where its just basically fast paced hl2:dm with flags

and tf2 isnt a mod, but its a great game nonetheless.