View Full Version : [ubuntu] Bluetooth Mice - A little advice please.

January 18th, 2009, 09:37 PM
I'm in the process of buying a Lenovo IdeaPad netbook - I've had a play with one and it runs intrepid wonderfully, all hardware being supported out of the box.

So, I'm thinking about getting a bluetooth optical mouse to go with it, and here's the thing, despite being a fairly advanced user, I've run into using bluetooth on linux before.

So, assuming I had a bluetooth mouse, how do I go about using it. I imagine I click the bluetooth icon in the notification area, then add device, and add the mouse. Then what, after the connection is made the system recognises the mouse, just like a USB one so I'm up and clicking?

Obviously I don't want to buy a bluetooth mouse if it won't work, or won't work well. The point of getting the IdeaPad is for an quick and simple, take anywhere machine, so I don't want to be faffing around all the time to get the mouse to reconnect etc. Advice from personal experience is greatly appreciated.