View Full Version : [all variants] After upgrade, login windows restarts forever

January 15th, 2009, 10:36 PM
I have recently upgraded to Intrepid from Hardy, despite my better judgment and while knowing that the previous 7 upgrades I've ever attempted have resulted in a need to completely reinstall the system. It, of course, failed, despite my thoughts that perhaps Ubuntu has actually improved the process.

The login windows restarts continuously, leaving me unable to login. Xorg repair will not alleviate this. Dropping to a shell to determine if the recovery feature actually replaced Xorg.conf indicates that it did so, and still has no effect on the problem.

If there is no resolution to this problem, I think it is finally time to return to Windows after 5 years of Ubuntu. I have to sometimes wonder why Ubuntu insists on including features that do not operate on most systems. Suspend/sleep, like always, is broken. Upgrade is broken. Graphics drivers are always the first to break. Auto-repair has always failed me. All of these are very common complaints. Just because a distro is "more successful" than all the others does not mean that it is, in an absolute sense, successful at all. Look at all the threads asking for help for similar problems, if you want evidence. Linux, as a desktop OS, is a complete and utter failure, despite years of hard work. This is mainly because of developers that wish to continuously add new features instead of addressing ones that are broken for nearly all of us and have been for years.

Sorry for the rant. You'd rage too if every upgrade, attempt at suspending, and usage of graphics drivers dating back to Breezy fails, ALL ON DIFFERENT HARDWARE.