View Full Version : Trouble refreshing css changes in netbeans

December 15th, 2008, 10:27 AM
I am learning php and html in netbeans.
I set up a virtual host as per,

Anyway, I don't get immediate changes to my webpage format when I change the css. For instance, I changed the width in some of these css expressions and a change occured but when I changed it back it doesn't. Then I might walk away for a few hours and try it again and it updates.

*.indent{position:relative; margin-left:120px;}
*.graphic-dropcap{position:absolute; width:120px; height:90px; left:-120px; top:0 }
*.graphic-dropcap span{position:absolute; width:120px; height:60px; margin:0; left:0; top:0;
background:url("heading.jpg") no-repeat}

Does anyone know why there is lag in my webpage updating?
I looked to see if the file was being copied to somewhere else where the webserver is accessing a file that hasn't been updated but I didn't find one. I'm sure it's some other problem that is causing this behaviour.

Any ideas?????