View Full Version : [ubuntu] Adding printers to Samba

December 6th, 2008, 02:54 AM
I am new and using ubuntu 8.10. I am having quite a time getting this machine on my xp home network. XP machines seem to be there at one moment and gone the next??? but not my current problem.

All printers in the house are attached to 8.10 machine. I can get the xp machines to find the printers on the network but they won't print. I get a message about a connection interruption. I believe the problem lies in samba but I am new to this. I think I have to add the printers as shared here but the gui wants me to browse for them and here is where I draw a blank. I will try to edit config file

I have gone through all the printer settings and shares again and again and there is nothing left to do.

It is not a firewall problem because I have tried w/out firewall.

Any help will do.