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  1. Discrepancy in Xutil.h?
  2. Cross-compile 6.06 applications on 7.04
  3. Issues with makefile creation for wine
  4. can't seem to compile prebuild2.0
  5. [SOLVED] Jini Install using bin file
  6. Packaging GUI
  7. checking for C compiler default output file name... configure: error: C compiler
  8. cant install anything!!
  9. help compiling
  10. what's up with mkstemp?
  11. Cedega/Wine memory
  12. Proper package description
  13. debugger
  14. Eclipse / JOGL on gutsy
  15. [SOLVED] Using CMake and pbuilder together
  16. Compilation error
  17. What is the best C IDE on Linux?
  18. How can we get certain packages deployed faster?
  19. Compiling kernel necessary for huge memory pages?
  20. Missing GTK+-2.10
  21. recompile linux-ubuntu-modules for custom kernel
  22. How to use gcc as a x86 assembler
  23. gnome-main-menu
  24. libspe2-dev, no pkg-config file. What next?
  25. More Packaging Q&A!
  26. PPA 101 - Personal Package Archives Introduction Session
  27. Script causing deb install to hang, how else could I run it?
  28. questions about google tech video anatomy of a debian package
  29. quesoGLC deb?
  30. C++ MultiFile Program. Creating make File
  31. menuconfig broken with latest vanilla kernel?
  32. No headers
  33. How do I compile x86_64 from an x86 machine?
  34. ibcs 3.4 on ubuntu server
  35. How to compile and use php5 on Ubuntu 6.04 Server?
  36. drjava problem
  37. Feisty->Gutsy upgrade and now problem linking 32bits DSOs
  38. need help building with different compiler using pdebuild on Ubuntu 7+
  39. Compiling Assembly Programs in Gutsy?
  40. compiling Firefox for qt
  41. compile emacs from source code but can't open termcap database file
  42. X11 packages
  43. help issues with qmake.conf and qt
  44. [SOLVED] Compiling a combined project using jam and make
  45. gcc giving compilation warning incompatible implicit declartion of function printf()
  46. How to install X11 lib with apt-get(needed for Xboard)
  47. [SOLVED] Installing valgrind 2.4.1 from source - best practices?
  48. making the cpp files in source
  49. Compiling Perl code
  50. Problem with creating deb package
  51. alsa modules
  52. Problem in Converting .C files and run in startup
  53. Passing arguments to signal handler with Glade
  54. Maui scheduler/ installation problems
  55. how to add library files to current library
  56. HOWTO: Easily modify dependencies of a .deb file
  57. Kubuntu Packaging Tutorials Day
  58. Kubuntu Tutorials Day
  59. How do i compile libglut 3.7 (non-free) ?
  60. hardy heron 8.04 automatic tarball installer
  61. cant make-jpkg, missing plugin
  62. Cannot find MySQL header files under yes
  63. help with compile errors
  64. Eclipse startup errors
  65. Problem compiling
  66. help with geany 0.10.2
  67. dpkg-deb -b
  68. Can't compile anything.
  69. Module name --> Place in Kernel
  70. can't compile "C" programs
  71. Can't compile jpilot-icalendar
  72. Kernel modules in ubuntu
  73. Open a serial port
  74. [SOLVED] BUG persistent for 2 years?!? aclocal/smpeg.m4: underquoted definition AM_PA
  75. Can't compile supported OpenGL extension
  76. help with the curses libary
  77. gcc error: expected ) before * token
  78. Unknown symbol init_module & cleanup_module
  79. script help
  80. defining evironment variable LDFLAGS
  81. using the mono C# compiler
  82. Compling sauerbraten
  83. little program, conatains an error that doesn't exist in C#
  84. iBCS 3.4 compile error on 7.10
  85. Compiling and installing a non Deb sourcecode
  86. Errors compiling hello world module...please help
  87. Kernel module package - pbuilder issue
  88. What to do about dead projects that you have a patch for
  89. Building i386 gcc from x86-64
  90. Building an i386 gcc/binutils cross-compiler on x86_64
  91. Error on make
  92. Compile Error in C program, using GCC
  93. what compiler to use
  94. creating deb from kernel source
  95. Info on compiling
  96. How to tell debian/rules to execute a command before ./configure?
  97. Trying to get started... Universe???
  98. compile C ( with gcc ) lil problem..
  99. Properly installing GCC
  100. First steps with gcc
  101. Linking to GTK, Poco under Eclipse CDT?
  102. Compiling RTL8187 Drivers
  103. Help making a compile script
  104. Compiling Apache 2.2: Make dieing horribly in a bloody mess
  105. Need help: Compiling Hashlib++ Library on Ubuntu
  106. Size mismatch
  107. Compiling Windows Code Under Linux!
  108. Headers error
  109. C compiler cannot create executables
  110. Compiling Nautilus2.20.0 patched with nautilus2.20.0ubuntu7.diff
  111. Which compiler i used
  112. Jam and .deb packages
  113. Need to re-create file...
  114. doc-fies to /usr/local/share/doc/ in deb package?
  115. SDL: No available video device after opening TuxRacer...
  116. I have build-essential, but make command not working
  117. [SOLVED] compiled kernel way too big!
  118. [SOLVED] GUI vs. CLI
  119. [SOLVED] Can somebody verify my bug? Inkscape, dev version.
  120. Need help compiling eggdrop manually
  121. Setting UP GCC in Ubunti 7.
  122. package a python program for Ubuntu
  123. Problem with POSIX, libc6 and pthread_timedjoin_np
  124. Game needs .deb package for ubuntu
  125. Newb to Linux Programming, Need Help
  126. Repository for Apache 2.2
  127. Packaging 101 Session
  128. Question Regarding ./a.out
  129. Problem with depends in a .deb file
  130. HELP using freeglut in ubuntu 7.10
  131. Netbean & firefox
  132. Need modifid gedit for sending R script to R
  133. [SOLVED] Qt4 + Firebird (RDBMS)
  134. QT issue with phoneME Feature Software
  135. Installing application icons
  136. /lib huge after compiling custom kernel
  137. Help Creating Source .dsc Package
  138. can ANY c / c++ source code be compiled for linux?
  139. PCSX2 Ubuntu 7.10 deb package... Or at least I hope...
  140. [SOLVED] Where to put libraries?
  141. C and Glade
  142. why not include autopackager?
  143. compiling rhythmbox from source
  144. Custom kernel errors...
  145. gamin and gnubiff
  146. Missing stddef.h
  147. Compiling Simple Program
  148. Creating deb with a mono app
  149. function sigaction and <signal.h>
  150. switching libraries
  151. Makefiles
  152. Need help compiling Alsa
  153. Problems compiling truecrypt from source
  154. Create package from something *else* than C sources ?
  155. Posix Timers source code
  156. 32/64 libraries
  157. Makefile Template for Gutsy Gibbon
  158. Accessing PHP::Serialization in perl (for packaging Zoneminder)
  159. .deb for jKiwi Virtual Hairstyler/Makeover application (in java)
  160. Submitting debs
  161. How can I continue using Linux when my class is using Microsoft Visual C++
  162. why gcc isnt compiling?
  163. Where do packages go if you use python easy_install?
  164. PPA upload failing
  165. Trying to compile kernel
  166. VCMX212 toolchain compile problem
  167. Help making Ubuntu package for Giver?
  168. Need help in compilin kernel modules
  169. New kernel - insstall errors
  170. How can I share the .deb package I just created
  171. waakopa tracker
  172. C++ and OpenGl error
  173. PROBLEM: php-gtk cli configure glib version xubuntu Gutsy
  174. Monitor filesystem changes
  175. Bash scripts to bash file
  176. [SOLVED] Qt Open Source Edition version 4.3.2
  177. NDAS on AMD64
  178. Opencv help needed
  179. installing eclipse
  180. Where can I find header files for compiling?
  181. GCC and file HELP??
  182. Beagle headers
  183. Package a data file (no source/binary)
  184. Creating user in Pbuilder environment before configure?
  185. Few questions to the kernel conscious :-)
  186. Java due Friday: Help Installing!
  187. Compiling a bash script
  188. Compiling 32 bit code on amd64
  189. Getting an application icon displayed
  190. Basic Stamp Editing
  191. compiling executable .jar
  192. Need help with the following make file
  193. error when compiling
  194. .deb package sends files to /usr/usr/bin
  195. Compiling for arm? configure: error: cannot run C compiled programs
  196. configure: error: zlib not found.
  197. perl cpan make install NOT OK
  198. Ubuntu Developer Week: Feb 18 - Feb 22
  199. too many initializers.... need help
  200. Hi all, new to forumn, quick question
  201. packaging python program including glade file
  202. Benefits of compiling a kernel
  203. Rebuilding OpenSSH-client with different options
  204. pbuilder apt-key support?
  205. gcc error,please help me
  206. Packge I would like reviewed
  207. wxWidgets - Hello world not compiling
  208. Compiling program that uses plplot
  209. compiling my project
  210. "No C++ Compiler Found" when building webkit-gtk on Feisty
  211. bc command is not working in ubuntu 7.10
  212. build-dep ignores my pinning
  213. Run hello world in c++
  214. download openMHP
  215. [SOLVED] Simple User Input Program
  216. Gconf issues
  217. Qt4 in Hardy too old?
  218. linux-meta working dir
  219. Joint Peazip Luanchpad team
  220. How to make our own driver package?
  221. g++ opengl and x11 libraries
  222. movq Error and Goom
  223. Looking for cups-devel
  224. [SOLVED] ./configure problem (can't find c++ compiler)
  225. List of package names
  226. new to both c++ and ubuntu. plz halp :(
  227. Toolchain build error...
  228. Compiler can't find shared libraries
  229. //.swf editor for ubuntu//
  230. XU4 - Ultima4 CVS compiled (.deb)
  231. Installing SimpleBackUp
  232. question about file location
  233. GStreamer + Compiz sink
  234. Hi
  235. Creating Apps?
  236. compiling dev c++
  237. ACPI problem with newly compiled kernel
  238. Building package for windows application
  239. libgtk2.0-dev header file access from C++
  240. Listen music player svn
  241. Thunderbird BUild Fails
  242. Where is the mono pkg-config file?
  243. gcc - unrecognized option
  244. Debugging a Shell Script
  245. Xlib.h is missing
  246. compile simple kernel module
  247. What do I have to insert into the copyright file?
  248. app development
  249. HELP creating a metapackage
  250. Two questions about PPA