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  1. [SOLVED] Music players in Xubuntu
  2. LightDM, shutdown and restart
  3. Launcher not coming back
  4. kernel probs/ stepped back to 3.2.0-12
  5. Dodge Windows
  6. Call for testing Compiz
  7. Alpha 2 ISO file too big
  8. Upgrade to 12.04 failed because of graphic card driver
  9. Opportunities for further involvement in Ubuntu QA
  10. Question about proposal in +1 releases.
  11. Can I install 12.04 and then update when the final comes out?
  12. Precise runnng better on linux-image-3.3.0-999-generic-pae
  13. Ubuntu 12.04 Root Account?
  14. gmusicbrowser instantly quits / xubuntu 12.04
  15. Daily Live, Ubiquity Crash
  16. Software Centre uninstalled
  17. [SOLVED] movie player and smplayer not working
  18. no wobbly windows in ccsm effects
  19. Synaptic bug - settings - repos
  20. Large memory leak in nm-applet?
  21. Launchpad appears to default to "private" report
  22. Should Ubuntu Precise come with help app locked to launcher by default?
  23. Partial Upgrade wait
  24. Android ADB 12.04
  25. Alpha 2 Install problems
  26. Shotwell: Application Test Cases
  27. Update Manager reports "last updated 12 days ago"
  28. ubuntu 3.2.0-15-generic upgrade caused system errors.
  29. Repos selection during install?
  30. [SOLVED] Lost with Ubuntu 12.04. Where/how to open the terminal?
  31. Silly Java!
  32. [SOLVED] Ubuntu 12.04 - Text boxes appearances
  33. Guest fix for virtual box.
  34. The non-pae mini.iso testing thread
  35. Update question
  36. Firefox 11.0 too new. Need an older version
  37. [SOLVED] I sucessfully installed 12.04 onto a Mac using Virtual Box.
  38. Remmina bug - confirmation required
  39. VLC 2.0 has hit the Precise repos
  40. [SOLVED] precise: libmysql g++ issues
  41. [SOLVED] gwibber finally unblocked
  42. Mouse acceleration issue
  43. [SOLVED] Synaptic Package Manager
  44. Unity - locally integrated menubars
  45. New nvidia-graphics-drivers (295.20) for xserver 1.12
  46. [SOLVED] Warning: There is currently an Archive Update in Progress @ cdimage.ubuntu.com
  47. Software sources problem
  48. Unity multi-monitor support - how good should it be?
  49. How to add an item to the launcher
  50. Can't boot to dmraid
  51. Launcher autohide and trackpad
  52. Sound NOT Working both on both Real and Virtual Install!
  53. Why hasn't Canonical adopted the dark ambiance sidebar for Nautilus?
  54. Put to next output erratic/broken after latest updates?
  55. Offering UI Suggestions
  56. [SOLVED] How do I file a bug in this OS?
  57. [SOLVED] Thunar Custum Actions problem
  58. [SOLVED] unity-greeter
  59. Accented characters with RightAlt in Unity
  60. Call for Testing: Alsa 1.025
  61. 12.04 Upgrade - Only Guest User access
  62. Update Manager vs Synaptic
  63. [SOLVED] "removing old config files" hangs on installation
  64. Call for testing Clickpad (multitouch, "button-less" trackpads)
  65. 12.04 alpha
  66. Unity 5.4 Testing includes HUD!
  67. Call for testing Upstart 1.4
  68. Alpha 2 crashed after update today
  69. X crashes
  70. Adding synaptic to launcher
  71. Libreoffice apps crashing?
  72. Sound settings crashes
  73. NVidia 295.20 is officially out
  74. Chromium
  75. [SOLVED] nautilus crashes
  76. Gnome Shell crashes when searching for something
  77. Synaptics touchpad problems
  78. [SOLVED] Frequent LAN disconnections
  79. No write permission in recovery mode
  80. VMware Fusion 4.1.1 vs Unity
  81. nm-applet leaking ram lately
  82. Sound theme update. You can now vote.
  83. I successfully installed Mozilla Nightly Build PPA on 12.04!
  84. Classic Gnome works just fine in 12.04.
  85. Java 7 Update 3 was released yesterday!
  86. Broadcom WIreless Chipsets still seem to be a problem
  87. Off Topic - Trouble installing Epson C900 driver
  88. Feature Freeze for PP
  89. using lilo breaks mounting / rw
  90. Should I keep reloading the Catalyst video driver?
  91. mouse click stuck
  92. [SOLVED] num lock always on in Unity
  93. Delay between login screen and Unity GUI
  94. Power Indicator Problem
  95. [SOLVED] How to quickly find out which packages are causing the partial upgrades?
  96. [SOLVED] Is this the HUD?
  97. [SOLVED] Menu shadows don't disappear after latest update
  98. Open File with other "Custom" Application
  99. Kernel 3.3 Question (Switchable graphics)
  100. [SOLVED] Boot getting stuck - graphics issue?
  101. Unity design. Slighly OT but must be interesting to us testers.
  102. Thunderbird
  103. [SOLVED] No local network.
  104. Dual monitors detected from live CD but not after install
  105. transparent unity panel issues
  106. Launcher no longer displays windows from all desktops on double click
  107. [SOLVED] upgrades broken - E: Internal Error, No file name for libcomerr2
  108. A tweet stream has been added to the 12.04 installer.
  109. Alt+Tab switcher not showing all open windows
  110. How to change orange colour in Unity's theme
  111. [SOLVED] Global menus extremely inconsistent
  112. Unity 5.4 officially landed!
  113. Remix the 8.04 wallpaper for 12.04?
  114. Minecraft stopped working after system update
  115. [SOLVED] The never ending multiarch troubles
  116. No Synaptic/No sudo apt-get update
  117. [SOLVED] unity launcher
  118. Is there a setting that allows disabling DNS cache?
  119. Unity Greeter resolution problems on dual-monitor setup
  120. Adding keyboard shortcuts to Unity?
  121. [SOLVED] Thunderbird 11 b2 and high CPU
  122. FSCK every time I boot
  123. Wireless LED lights not coming on even if working fine (Broadcom)
  124. [SOLVED] How can I see what window manager is actually running
  125. [SOLVED] Java-plugin openjdk-6 crashes
  126. init: no available ptys
  127. How to Auto-login on Lubuntu 12.04?
  128. HUD not working in LibreOffice
  129. Can I upgrade 10.04 to 12.04-Beta1 via update manager?
  130. vdpau installed but not vaapi
  131. [SOLVED] Grub 2 cursor never leaves the screen
  132. [SOLVED] Guvcview in 12.04 is buggy
  133. Fix for Brother Scanner problem
  134. Transmission fails with SSL trackers
  135. Print problems and things started running is slow motion.
  136. [SOLVED] no auto connect using LiveCD of 12.04
  137. Verify a bug for me?
  138. Desktop (horizontal) icon arrangement
  139. Adobe Reader missing from partner repository
  140. Shimmering in 12.04
  141. Shutdown and reboot
  142. Call for testing: (Mobile) Sandy Bridge RC6
  143. [SOLVED] Install: How long does saving installed packages take?
  144. With Ambiance theme - right click on desktop gives this.
  145. [SOLVED] Please confirm minor bug in Nautilus.
  146. Help testing icon theme on 12.04..?
  147. [SOLVED] Auto hid Launcher
  148. impoverished Dash
  149. aurora 12 and ubuntu 12.04
  150. [SOLVED] hp dm4 smooth install but no display on boot
  151. [SOLVED] CPU Frequency Utility
  152. [SOLVED] Will 12.04 support TRIM out of the box?
  153. Gnome shell: pressing windows key and typing application name crashes the shell?
  154. [SOLVED] Unity2d: change in behaviour when using Dash to start programs by name
  155. Will gnome settings be complete by 12.04?
  156. Fullscreen video+Top panel on secondary monitor
  157. [SOLVED] 12.04 compatibility
  158. Modify sticky edges with 2 monitors?
  159. auto ethernet connect failed under LiveCD
  160. Disable suspend on battery critical?
  161. Recordmydesktop recording at 2x speed
  162. Wine 1.4, SteamInstall.msi crashes at Terms of Service (terminal output posted)
  163. Screenshot flash
  164. RS232 for Printers Supported in 12.04?
  165. Upgrade
  166. Graphics glitches in Unity 3D, not present in 11.10
  167. Nw admin login problems
  168. Mac EFI installation question
  169. Cannot config ipv6 static address on virtual interface.
  170. Full Screen Graphics Problems
  171. lotus sametime doesn't work
  172. gnome-shell-timer app location
  173. [SOLVED] Double clicking .deb won't open Software Centre
  174. Kernel Panic on my new laptop with Kernel 3.2 (Dell N4050)
  175. Precise gets power-usage-report: Find power drain causes
  176. [SOLVED] any luck with installing adobe air 2.6 onto precise?
  177. LibreOffice 3.5
  178. Additional Drivers dialog - bad GUI design?
  179. ubuntu software center
  180. Unable to connect Nixnote to Evernote server. Transport Exception.
  181. Lubuntu 12.04 lxterminal fix full screen
  182. WiFi tethering for net sharing
  183. Xubuntu and nm-applet after today's update
  184. Keyboard lights not changing colour. Bug present for a very long time.
  185. firefox infinite loop/apport bug
  186. Is there a way to increase thumbnail size in Video Lens?
  187. [SOLVED] Option "ConstrainCursor" "no" Auto hid Launcher
  188. Why is fglrx stuck at 11.11 ?
  189. Freeze at login screen
  190. [SOLVED] File Management Problem: Desktop files are linked to Home Folder
  191. This is Ugly
  192. 12.04 Countdown banner contest.
  193. Chromium takes 2 or 3 attempts to start
  194. Troubles installing PP-a2 in VirtualBox
  195. Thunderbird 11b2 freezes up
  196. How often to do a fresh install
  197. [SOLVED] Different hardware clock settings in Precise?
  198. small new overlay scrollbar feature
  199. [SOLVED] Lost sound after todays update
  200. Can't install Ubuntu 12.04 64bit but can install the 32? Bit
  201. Bugs: Unity opacity looks messy and HUD doesn't work
  202. No more Flash Updates for Precise?
  203. [SOLVED] unknown filesystem type: 'aufs'
  204. [SOLVED] packagekit and python-aptdaemon.pkcompat
  205. problem with themes...
  206. interesting visual effects in Gnome Shell
  207. [SOLVED] Can't add a printer
  208. Login screen update.
  209. Hey Canadians
  210. Dual Screen (nvidia) issues
  211. [SOLVED] How to start aptitude as ncurses app instead of GUI?
  212. Totem Crashing, causing logout in precise
  213. Dim screen when on battery power with Unity/Ubuntu 12.04
  214. Call for Testing wubi
  215. Software catalogue corrupt?
  216. Minimal install - no login on boot
  217. Gnome-Shell with llvmpipe support in Precise
  218. how to clean gedit 3 setting files?
  219. List packages with synaptic
  220. Turn off menu scrolling
  221. Why no option for locked drags?
  222. [SOLVED] Unable to login after latest updates
  223. Geoip connecting to internet at every boot
  224. [SOLVED] latest update erases username and password to Ubuntuforums
  225. Black screen every 10 minutes (idle mode) driving me nuts!
  226. Black screen every 10 minutes (idle mode) driving me nuts!
  227. gnome shell crashes while pressing m in overview mode
  228. Updating an alpha or beta install
  229. Some early iso/upgrade testing already
  230. Upgrading to 12.04
  231. [SOLVED] Gnome Shell broken with latest updates
  232. NVidia proprietary driver doesn't recognize docked state
  233. display wavy flicker after upgrade to 12.04 alpha in dell lattitude
  234. [SOLVED] Java control panel missing ?
  235. Hud
  236. Media Programs Cannot Read From Blu-Ray/DVD Source & AC Power Issue
  237. [SOLVED] boot to black
  238. Upgrade from stock Lucid failed
  239. Ubuntu 12.04 & Toshiba Satellite
  240. Workspace switcher shortcut keys changed
  241. Banshee, Totem, GStreamer freezes
  242. [SOLVED] network stops working every few minutes
  243. Unity greeter: Changing login image..
  244. How to stop keyboard and sound indicator controlling both master and PCM volume
  245. WinFF Stop Working
  246. User is not activated inside whoopsie group
  247. Gnome PPA questions
  248. Problems with minitube
  249. installation hosed with latest updates
  250. Unity graphic glitches