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  1. [SOLVED] Magic SysRq key not so magic anymore?
  2. LTE? Maybe a dumb question.
  3. Holding gir1.2-gtk-3.0 and perl for 4 days
  4. Gnome-gmail setup
  5. [SOLVED] cogl-1.9.3 may break gnome-shell and gdm-greeter?! :/
  6. [SOLVED] Can't get by installing mscorefonts while installing Synaptic.
  7. Is anyone else having problem with software center in 12.04 Alpha 1?
  8. Precise on 384Mb Compaq Evo N400c
  9. [SOLVED] problem with synaptic not loading
  10. [SOLVED] cam was not working in install on 12.04 like in 11.x.
  11. ForeFox bug finally fixed!!??
  12. problems installing wtith separate home folder
  13. [server] lucid --> precise upgrade
  14. kde forget's monitor layout
  15. Ubuntu 12.04 or 11.10
  16. [SOLVED] Should I remove libsdl1.2debian-pulseaudio?
  17. Are these new Apport pop-ups ?
  18. Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin Desktop backgrounds
  19. Precise Pangolin will not install!
  20. Odd wallpaper bug...
  21. [SOLVED] lxdm-binary is using 100% of cpu time
  22. [SOLVED] Compiz crashes when using nvidia settings
  23. [SOLVED] Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/rtl_nic/rtl8168f-2.fw for module r8169
  24. [SOLVED] Dell Inspiron 1012 Net Book Mini.
  25. Boot gets stuck on Purple screen.
  26. Why has aircrack-ng been dropped from 12.04?
  27. [SOLVED] kernel 3.2.0-3 keeps loading in synaptic
  28. Several Crashes Occured on an Unmodified Alpha 1.
  29. Libsane-common and gvfs-daemon problems
  30. [SOLVED] Broke firefox in precise
  31. Unity 3D apps Dash now has smooth scrolling!
  32. Linux 3.2-rc5 released
  33. Palapeli Puzzles have slowed way down in 12.04 Alpha 1
  34. Spell checking in firefox is not working in 12.04
  35. [SOLVED] installs OK but won't boot
  36. Updates and Upgrades
  37. ubuntu 12.04 not booting
  38. Help Test PowerManagementALPM for Precise
  39. Xubuntu window boarders are hiding
  40. Random Freezes
  41. [SOLVED] Unity 2D bug or feature?
  42. can't boot with any kernel after 3.1.0-2, see screenshot
  43. Cannot print from Canon ip1800 Series printer in Precise
  44. [SOLVED] Malformed Unity Launch Icon
  45. [SOLVED] Keyboard after Idle
  46. [SOLVED] Test Pilot in Firefox keeps poping up.
  47. Webcam Issues with 3.2 kernel
  48. [SOLVED] New vte3 (1:0.30.1-2) breaks gnome-terminal
  49. Excessive sized pointer theme
  50. Google Chromium GPG error
  51. Drop of non-PAE Kernel flavour postponed to 12.10
  52. Kubuntu lower panel problem
  53. Following up on ubiquity bugs - again
  54. oneiric 11.1 not upgraded to 12.04
  55. Catalyst 11.12 released
  56. Ubuntu, Firefox updates, beta and why we need you
  57. Atom+Intel install problem
  58. Lightdm login screen logo
  59. Important notice regarding Java packages in Partner archive
  60. FireFox pulling over 600MBram after idle
  61. [SOLVED] Windows Borders / Resizing Windows
  62. I have a problem reporting a bug, how do I do it?
  63. New installer bug - fails to "swapoff"
  64. nautilus-gksu. Does anyone know where this package went to?
  65. strange grep message after update-grub...
  66. Lubuntu Lightdm problems 12.04
  67. [SOLVED] [libsoup-2.4.x] Still can't handle flash on epiphany... :S
  68. 12.04 No Sound
  69. "Enable delete" from right-click menu?
  70. ubuntu 12.04 not working
  71. Non-pae kernel?
  72. [SOLVED] Trouble with LXDM
  73. Mouse Track Pad not working in yesterday's Nightly Build!
  74. Linux 3.2 rc6 in Precise repos
  75. Unity problem after yesterdays updates
  76. Work-around for python3.2-minimal update error
  77. Boot info script not working so well ?
  78. [SOLVED] Flash not working in Cromium...
  79. Cant get changelog details for some packages
  80. GNOME terminal gone SOUTH again
  81. precise - install crash from live session
  82. nautilus fails to open Home?
  83. booting from btrfs?
  84. 10.04 to 11.10: zero problem
  85. Flash Trouble in Precise Pangolin
  86. How stable is 12.04 right now?
  87. 10.10 -> 12.04 dependencies must be resolved manually
  88. Update Manager woes
  89. CCSM Instability
  90. Efi and gpt partition on installer
  91. No conky display after today's updates
  92. [SOLVED] Gnome-shell in Precise repos breaks gnome-tweak-tool
  93. gdebi and not software center.
  94. Quanta Plus, is it coming for precise panglin?
  95. Ubuntu 12.04 and EeePc 1000H
  96. Firefox 9.0 is released now.
  97. [SOLVED] New krb5 breaks samba
  98. Does my Precise thinks it is Sid...?
  99. gnome-shell-extensions-user-theme
  100. "Screensaver" misbehavior / uncontrollable screen dim back again
  101. Power Management with new Kernel
  102. Tilda problems: Launching, estability.
  103. Adobe Flash 11.2 Beta 3 is now out
  104. Truncated text in Audacious
  105. The downside to testing new releases
  106. [SOLVED] One instance of Eclipse=4 icons in launcher
  107. [SOLVED] nautilus and/or gvfs on the fritz
  108. Has anyone been doing any testing with utouch and 12.04.
  109. [SOLVED] Xubuntu Precise + Dual Display (XBMC) - Anyone using it?
  110. [SOLVED] Ubuntu Tweak 06. Tried to install on 12.04. No go.
  111. lets fix the 5 year old skype no-webcam-support bug for good.
  112. [SOLVED] No MATE desktop environment?
  113. service lightdm restart, from terminal-window = bla{ck,nk} VT (aka BSOD)
  114. Segfaults in libc-2.13.so today
  115. Can't Log Into Ubuntu One in Precise
  116. If you move this thread, Rudolph is gonna bite you (not sure about his vaccines)
  117. Linux kernel 3.2.0 rc7 is released
  118. Ubiquity should set up a separate /home for new users.
  119. [SOLVED] Why no widescreen desktops?
  120. DBus error now in apt/aptitude
  121. Python3 (potentially useful experience)
  122. Kubuntu 12.04 LTS EOL
  123. 12.04 and Ubuntu Shell
  124. The mesa and xserver for Precise Pangolin 12.04 LTS
  125. Dependency issues in Precise
  126. The unity launcher could use some improvements for multitasking
  127. [SOLVED] Update Manager - Dec 26/11
  128. No iBus in gedit
  129. UEFI boot not working on Asus k53sv-sx620v
  130. [SOLVED] Blank screen after fresh install of 12.04 Alpha
  131. [SOLVED] dissapearing bugs
  132. GNOME bottom bar in Unity 3D? What the ..!
  133. caribou error after synaptic update (Precise GNOME Classic)
  134. 12.04 doesnt detect usb modem
  135. Synaptic wants to uninstall Audacity (among other apps) when I try to install WINE
  136. Xserver 1.12 rc 1 test in Precise
  137. Pentium G620 kworker CPU usage on all 3.x kernels so far
  138. Laggy sound? Ubuntu 12.04
  139. Nursing Multiple Installs can lead to Wrong assumptions:
  140. CCSM now works in Gnome Classic
  141. Modem-manager [856]
  142. no hibernate option on shutdown menu but pm-hibernate works
  143. Slow network + UbuntuOne prevents Nautilus displaying Home
  144. e4defrag is included in e2fsprogs!
  145. Hdmi audio out problem
  146. Strange dates logged
  147. Laptop starts misbehaving when I load a youtube video
  148. [SOLVED] AMD/ATI Catalyst problem...
  149. [SOLVED] adobe-flashplugin is missing
  150. [SOLVED] Timeout error in lauch pad
  151. system monitor soing problem
  152. [SOLVED] No audio after upgrade.
  153. 12.04 x64 Crossover Office
  154. Nvidia and TwinView
  155. FireFox reports several instances but only 4 tabs open
  156. Help-"wifi not managed"
  157. What's the plans for Unity for 12.04?
  158. What's broken in AMD64?
  159. [SOLVED] lubuntu login window settings
  160. Icon size in launcher?
  161. Glitch with dpkg from Synaptic...
  162. Cant remove/install anything!
  163. Precise Pangolin quality weather report
  164. Package sources failing constantly in Synaptec
  165. Graphical driver regression bug in 12.04 alpha1
  166. [SOLVED] hda-intel and RC7 - IRQ Timing workaround
  167. [SOLVED] Skype in Precise
  168. [SOLVED] Is this double duty thing ever going to get fixed.
  169. [SOLVED] Kernel Panic after 5-Jan-2012 Updates
  170. Linux kernel 3.2 is now released, 3.3 is on its way.
  171. [SOLVED] Precise altering BIOS firmware
  172. 12.04 LTS alpha and Gnome Shell --Application icons missing
  173. [SOLVED] Update manager asks for root password
  174. Locking version...
  175. 3.2 kernel bad idea?
  176. Nvidia display on 2006 iMac not clear
  177. Report problem
  178. Unity Launcher prototype reveal mode testing needed
  179. Unity 5.0 Staging PPA. Testing
  180. USB Audio Capture
  181. eGalax Touchscreen Issue
  182. command to update to 12.04 from terminal
  183. [SOLVED] Borked Fresh install of Precise A1 on Dell OptiGX270
  184. Empty launcher, no apps listed
  185. [SOLVED] Nvidia install via Jockey fails.
  186. Speaker muted despite sudo alsactl store
  187. Tiny change in messaging menu?
  188. Precise lock screen design that mimic's LighDM
  189. init: mysql main process ended, respawning...
  190. Xubuntu 12.04 alpha... just a comment
  191. Mouse &Keboard control gone after screen shutdown
  192. [SOLVED] bungie windows with mouse and delay after left-click Unity2D
  193. [SOLVED] Incompatible Ricotz Testing and Gnome3 Team PPA's
  194. Unity2d pull down menus in top bar are scrolling despite large monitor
  195. dconf-editor
  196. Corrupted graphics on Unity login in 12.04
  197. [SOLVED] Jupiter
  198. Print Preview UPSIDE DOWN in landscape mode!!
  199. Put a leash on Samhain?
  200. Is the compiz project dying ?
  201. [SOLVED] Cinnamon on Precise
  202. What's wrong with gtk3 theming?
  203. Setting Compiz options in PP - what's the plan?
  204. Help test EC2 mirrors
  205. Linux 3.3 is said to fix ASPM power regression
  206. Mobile Broadband bug - trying to get it taken seriously
  207. LibreOffice 3.5.0 b2 fails to install
  208. New evolution data-server 3.2.3 in Precise repos
  209. Apport
  210. Introducing myself, qa community coordinator
  211. Thunderbird: Unable to open links in Firefox
  212. cpufreq / indicator & new system policy & crash on boot
  213. latest update rips libre icons from Unity launcer-tryingto recover
  214. bluetooth adapter and alph Jawbone 'almost' connect, but then fail
  215. How do you get rid of kde-minimal
  216. Lubuntu - Autostart fails to run on 12.04
  217. program icon added to Unity will not open
  218. [SOLVED] Hlep! Sepll Cechekr not Wroknig in Frieofx.
  219. Need to Fix an update problem
  220. Kernel 3.2.1 now in ppa mainline
  221. [SOLVED] Much longer boot time after today's updates?
  222. latest updates remove more libre files
  223. Latest update removes Time and date and software sources
  224. [SOLVED] Backlight Authentication Issue
  225. Daily Live Build for Friday 13 Jan 2012--not yet here or cancelled?
  226. A small green creature lives behind the launcher bar
  227. Shade windows in Unity 3d?
  228. Warning re: Mesa 8.0 r600g vs ATI HD3200 M
  229. Nvidia-current 290-10 in Precise repos
  230. LibreOffice 3.5.0beta2 resize behaviour in Unity/Classic
  231. [SOLVED] Download Speed
  232. [Unity] Mounts disappear after gparted launch
  233. Default startup applications
  234. [SOLVED] Lost Ubuntu Desktop & Unity after today's update
  235. I think nautilus has a bug
  236. There is definitely a Track Pad Issue in Alpha 1!
  237. [SOLVED] Finally got Internet Sharing 2 work with my Beta IOS IPhone!
  238. Firefox 9 NOT working correctly on Medicare.Gov!
  239. [SOLVED] [Lubuntu] -Lightdm seems to be broken.
  240. Ubuntu Server with Kde 4.8 rc2: shutdown doesn't work
  241. SVGA-out on Intel GM965/GL960 graphics card not working
  242. Brother Scanner/USB problem.
  243. Call for testing: audio jack detection
  244. Software Center integration with Unity
  245. Cant boot from USB stick
  246. User Account Missing After Alpha 1 Reinstall!
  247. [SOLVED] LibreOffice not working in 12.04 Precise
  248. Current Live Installer Broken?
  249. [SOLVED] Anyone noticed this from:- Processing triggers for libglib2.0-0
  250. All software installed via Software Center is added to the Launcher