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  1. Live CD Wont shutdown
  2. nouveau doubters take note
  3. [SOLVED] Step by Step Instructions--need to chroot into lucid to boot
  4. Lucid Lynx Alpha 3 Released
  5. [SOLVED] Looks like the ISO is bad at the source!
  6. Some installation hiccups...
  7. still no ice1712 support ?
  8. Crackling Sound with mplayer on startup with lucid lynx on an AC97 chipset
  9. Upgrade to final?
  10. thinkpad x300 webcam regression
  11. left ubuntu running for a few hours came back and had to restart
  12. Indicator [application,me] menus inconsistent with rest of the gnome world
  13. Error - SystemError: installArchives() failed - Not able to install bmcwl or b43
  14. Just installed Lucid alpha3 from thumb drive, but x fails to start.
  15. Lucid Lynx, I love you!
  16. battery monitor no longer displays percantage of charge left
  17. DWA-140 Wireless USB Adapter
  18. myBrainy mistake or gBrainy mistake
  19. Can't unlock panel in UNE
  20. [SOLVED] Update yesterday
  21. Unable to get past login screen - liveUSB Alpha 3
  22. [SOLVED] Missing Icons In Menu Bar
  23. [SOLVED] Restricted Extras issue
  24. Not Impressed with 10.04 Alpha 3
  25. Bug in Login Sound.
  26. Login and graphics problems.
  27. Lucid-official-Issue when upgrading from Lucid Alpha 2
  28. Waiting for Sound System to respond.
  29. Evolution Locking Up
  30. Upgrade From 9.10 To 10.04 Alpha 3 Failed!
  31. Some issues
  32. best pre-release yet
  33. I Have a lot of problems with display with my screen and tv's
  34. Could you do something about 3945ABG wireless problem
  35. Whats happening with Plymouth?
  36. Updated to 10.04 now i cant boot into windows..
  37. pavucontrol / bluetooth hsp/hfp crash problem
  38. Nautilus file/folder view arrangement different
  39. [SOLVED] xarchiver in lubuntu not working
  40. Adobe Air applications showing gtk-window-decorator
  41. system tray icons
  42. nouveau and gpu power management (scaling) in lucid?
  43. No sound with flash in Konqueror
  44. Ubuntu One icon disappeared after upgraded to Alpha 3
  45. "The Seventh Symbol" or weirdest Log-In Problem Ever?
  46. What's with the frame around the wallpaper?
  47. No dividing in Lucid Calculator?
  48. desktop loading problems
  49. Rhythmbox multiple location set
  50. Booting stops just before GDM.
  51. Just tried Gwibber, what a POS!
  52. silent crashes locked
  53. Why isn't there an option in display to choose the main screen?
  54. [SOLVED] Can't Remove Adobe Reader from Lucid
  55. Pidgin icon gray background panel
  56. Lucid Lynx Arrandale Support
  57. Alpha 3 doesn't boot, intel atom
  58. Rhythmbox + Last.fm Radio stops scrobbling
  59. HD Playback with Nouveau without VDPAU
  60. [SOLVED] Can't install Mono on Ubuntu Server
  61. Flash stopped working
  62. Lucid as KVM guest under Karmic
  63. Backup Questions
  64. Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Linx Alpha3 testing impressions
  65. Pretty pleased with Lucid
  66. Impending hard disk failure
  67. Trouble installing Java
  68. Just upgraded to 10.04 alpha. Some thoughts
  69. no sound in lucid lynx alpha3
  70. [SOLVED] about user/Meenu picture inconsistency
  71. Totem-mozilla and google chrome
  72. [SOLVED] wireless "disabled"
  73. Human Lucid Theme - Two PCs - Two different views.
  74. What can i do about the lack of auto arrange in desktop?
  75. First root auth after Auto-login kicks me out to login manually
  76. The Movie Player BBC Podcasts haven't worked for months
  77. My (overall positive) impressions of Lucid Alpha 3
  78. [SOLVED] Nouveau or ubiquity problem on my machine (ubuntu alpha3
  79. [SOLVED] Startup Disk Creator Failed
  80. About ATI drivers in Lucid
  81. Q:Is there somehow to remove "lock screen" and "log out [user]" in gnome main menu?
  82. ubuntu 10.04
  83. Is Empathy unable to list IRC channels?
  84. Ubuntu Alpha 3 wants me to log in!?!?!?
  85. No Ubuntu One folder in places
  86. Lucid: 2 minor wishes
  87. canberra-gtk-play crash.
  88. Lucid Alpha 3 - NVIDIA
  89. Printing issue
  90. Netbook features?
  91. [SOLVED] Quadrapassel bugs
  92. Wow! Lucid Lynx alpha 3 boots fast!
  93. Kubuntu won't mount other partitions
  94. Four New Community Themes and Four Updated Versions Land in Lucid
  95. Can we have usplash as an option?
  96. Some fonts do not work in OpenOffice
  97. Occasionally crashing back to login screen.
  98. Kubuntu alpha 3 no sound?
  99. KDE krashes on login
  100. 10.04 to support iPhone and iPod touch!!!
  101. 10.04 alpha 3 won't boot
  102. Mouse pointer loss after 10.04 alpha 3 VBox install
  103. [SOLVED] 2.6.33 and NVIDIA drivers (173 legacy)
  104. Simple Scan Too Simple??
  105. [SOLVED] No GUI after booting, broken packages etc.
  106. Is anyone aware that Broadcom wireless is broken in Lucid?
  107. Grub
  108. Calculator - Programing Hexadecimal not converted correctly
  109. Broadcom Wireless is irrevocably broken.
  110. [SOLVED] No speaker icon
  111. keyring incorrent password
  112. [SOLVED] Not a lot of updates ever since i installed 2.6.33 Kernel
  113. [SOLVED] Nouveau with an ATI video card
  114. Unable to modify panels
  115. OpenTTD 1.0.0-RC1 for Lucid
  116. Plymouth on intel
  117. "Open with Other Application" on folders!?
  118. BBC iplayer and Nvidia Current Driver (Prop)
  119. Ubuntu 10,04 not recognising battery
  120. gnome locking the screen can't unlock
  121. Intel i3 notebook boot freeze..plymouth?
  122. Dell Wireless Networking in Lucid
  123. [SOLVED] Huge status icons in Empathy?
  124. Gnome Activity Journal
  125. anyone running dual monitors on a nvidia card?
  126. [SOLVED] How do I enable proprietary drivers
  127. Using 10.04 alpha 3 ? Is it stable enough for home desktop ?
  128. [SOLVED] Cannot mount laptop's CD-ROM
  129. A3 fine at first. Now, "Networking Disabled"
  130. Lucid Linux and ipod touch
  131. sound and HP dv6 on Lucid
  132. Certain Dell laptops haven't been able to unblank since the Karmic dev cycle
  133. Why isn't Moonlight 2 packaged for Lucid?
  134. Lucid problem(s)
  135. Vertical lines in notification area
  136. Themes for Gnome Shell
  137. Lucid Yahoo
  138. gnome-settings-daemon (hidden) problems when you open the laptop lid
  139. What are the reposetories links for lucid?
  140. Network Manager kills my internet connection
  141. Gnome UI vs Windows 7 UI
  142. [SOLVED] simulating two finger scrolling on touchpad doesn't work in lucid as it did in karmic
  143. acpid.socket not found
  144. totem unable to fetch codecs
  145. How to upload screenshots for apps in USC?
  146. [SOLVED] Latest updates deactivated nouveau, not listed under hardware drivers either.
  147. Does anyone else have ubuntu one working in alpha 3?
  148. [SOLVED] Can't logout, shutdown or reboot when OOo3.2 quick starter is active
  149. Gnome: items in taskbar moving positions
  150. Kubuntu fails to logon daily build 030310
  151. What is this message at boot?
  152. Lucid Lynx alpha 3 , how to increase boot up time ?
  153. Lucid Alpha III
  154. The giant [C] beneath the Ubuntu logo in Plymouth
  155. Lucid Startup Message
  156. How to update to 10.04
  157. Where did Synaptics defaults go in 10.04?
  158. [SOLVED] Keyboard layout switcher indicator
  159. Flash crashing Firefox
  160. Anyone not using ttf-mscorefonts-installer. Fonts look better without it.
  161. [SOLVED] Upgrade to 10.04 alpha 3
  162. Booting processed stopped ureadahead-other error
  163. Nautilus-Selecting filename opens it - annoying!
  164. Who can NOT get networking to work? Thread to get everyone networked by Beta!
  165. Totem video seeking issue
  166. Kpowersave equivalent in Lucid
  167. Updates mean I can't boot ubuntu. Help!?
  168. Gnome-Shell/ATI video cards
  169. Can anyone read cd/dvd-rw
  170. Macbook pro - Lucid - Audio Issues
  171. X crashing
  172. Bug fixed upstream, how to make sure it lands in Lucid?
  173. upgraded from 9.10 to 10.04
  174. New Theme Revealed
  175. Video in Totem interrupted by screensaver
  176. Do this in lucid! please! PLEASE!!
  177. [SOLVED] Somethings Missing in the UNR Alpha 3
  178. gnome-power-manager crash
  179. Empathy cant install
  180. What are the plans for pulse audio in 10.04?
  181. odd nautilus error
  182. Java + Sound = FAIL
  183. Sounds died
  184. [SOLVED] Volume Control
  185. Boot hanging possibly because of dmraid disks
  186. Black Screen
  187. [SOLVED] Boxee unresolved dependency on python2.4
  188. Weird clicking, can't get into my account
  189. Gnome: Cannot click and panel icons move
  190. Lucid Alpha3 Kernel 2.6.32-15 Scrollwheel changed
  191. Gtkpod crashes when finalizing database
  192. Slow load Gnome on Lucid
  193. New lucid screenshots show the window controls on the right
  194. Display option dissapared completly
  195. Byobu ignored by Awn
  196. Will 10.04 "just work" again?
  197. Where is the gvfs mont directory now?
  198. Lucid's new defaul wallapaper revealed!!!!!
  199. Howto install nouveau?
  200. [SOLVED] Can I test/run Lucid alongside Karmic (and Windows)?
  201. Synaptic removed in Lucid?
  202. Gwibber
  203. dust theme changes
  204. The Me Menu
  205. Firefox bug?
  206. upgrade path from x32_9.1 to x64_10.04LTS
  207. Gambas2 on Lucid Lynx
  208. [SOLVED] Errors during attempted install from LiveUSB
  209. move /home to old/home partition in lucid
  210. Catalyst / fglrx on Lucid?
  211. [SOLVED] Maximize / Minimize buttons swapped somehow
  212. ubuntu-mono ?? whuzzat?
  213. [SOLVED] killall gnome-panel not restarting?
  214. I love the new artwork in ubuntu 10.04!
  215. More theme related stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  216. Indicator applet does not show tooltip
  217. new theme + compiz + noveau + RGBA = <3
  218. I don't get it. Will Ambiance (Dark) or Radiance (Light) be the default?
  219. nvidia occasionally not loading
  220. 10.04 Alpha 3 - Realtek 8139 - Can't Ping
  221. New Plymouth installed will not mount file system
  222. thinkpad x200 can't play sound through the speakers,but work ok through headphones,a
  223. Opinions on Lucid Lynx?
  224. [SOLVED] Upgrade to Lucid on 5,3 keyboard not responding
  225. How to change default Evince settings...?
  226. Slow Alt-Tab switching
  227. Shutdown doesn't work...
  228. Live CD keeps crashing
  229. Cowon iaudio7 not recognised in Lucid
  230. OpelLDAP and home folder sharing, Lucid
  231. Console/TTY Keyboard Layout Wrong
  232. Pkg upower to replace devicekit-power?????
  233. Deboot/Turning off screen "progression"
  234. Upgrade from 9.10 to 10.04 via Update Manager is Broken
  235. GPG error in update manager
  236. Can someone confirm this bug fix within the new theme?
  237. Location of Window Buttons
  238. [SOLVED] What happened to BlackJack
  239. Lucid keeps asking me for the pwd
  240. Upgrade to 10.04 error
  241. Kubuntu: Default font settings
  242. Does Anyone know if there is a fix coming for Evolution?
  243. Using Escutil & Stylus toolbox on 10.04 Alpha3?
  244. Loud noise at shutdown/reboot
  245. Why is ubuntu-desktop 1.189 is not installed for me?
  246. Lucid LTS System Requirments
  247. Should Ubuntu devs work on weekends till LTS release?
  248. Lucid does not suppport natural language AI !!
  249. Keyboard layout chosen at installation not applied to ttys
  250. [SOLVED] How do I move the buttons back to the right??