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  1. [SOLVED] My Ubuntu 10.04 LiveCD doesn't boot at all!
  2. Desktop Effects w/ latest updates
  3. Question about Release Schedule
  4. ThinkPad T30 backlight issues
  5. Could not launch 'NVIDIA X Server Settings'
  6. Ubuntu 10.04 LTS PPC
  7. rhythmbox/gstreamer crash in lucid
  8. Running old apps on new OS 10.04 Lucid...?
  9. Atheros Wireless card
  10. [SOLVED] Why doesn't aptitude don't update update manager time of last update?
  11. What is the point of automatic login in Lucid?
  12. [64Bit/Autologin] Slow Boot with latest Lucid
  13. iiyama multitouch monitor
  14. Added Gnome to Xubuntu Lucid, now cant run Xubuntu WM
  15. general stability
  16. Transferring to NFS causes a lockup
  17. artifacts in kde
  18. [SOLVED] Cannot cancel sudo password request with a single Ctrl-C
  19. Spellcheck dictionaries in Thunderbird 3.0
  20. Lucid Slow to recognise AC disconnected
  21. Flash Player broken?
  22. [SOLVED] Lucid Freezes on Install
  23. compositing and metacity....
  24. no sound with web video
  25. Avoiding a similar fate
  26. What happened to the stars in the Software Center?
  27. Kubuntu wants to install Gnome Network Manager?
  28. RC iso testing?
  29. Synaptic Errors
  30. Software Sources in System->Admin.
  31. I Have a problem with keyring empathy and auto login
  32. Ew, gross volume icon after update
  33. When is Lucid stable
  34. Kernel Panic - not syncing: VFS (sometimes)
  35. How can i purge mplayer completly from ubuntu?
  36. Java 6 update 20 released, with security fixes!
  37. FS issues
  38. Disk check at bootup
  39. DRI, direct Rendering and compiz on lucid
  40. [SOLVED] Accidentally deleted all the panels
  41. Live CD won't boot
  42. XBMC for Lucid (It says for Karmic or higher?)
  43. Lucid Install
  44. [SOLVED] Likewise-Open not supporting Samba integration
  45. 10.04
  46. Beta 2 fails to boot after running update manager
  47. Default refresh rate of 85Hz may be causing problems with some older monitors.
  48. How to Parition?
  49. Firefox Sound Issue
  50. [SOLVED] Wine 1.1.43 has just been released to all who may concern
  51. panel notification area question
  52. A differnt ubuntuone music store problem.
  53. Hardware is supported, so what's wrong with plymouth?
  54. Can't Boot in Ubuntu 10.04 after I updated drivers!!
  55. 10.04 Kernal Error that seems harmless??
  56. Gnome-mount alternative in Lucid
  57. Problem to install ATI driver in Ubuntu 10.04
  58. Lucid indecision
  59. Sounds works except for headphones.
  60. LAMP, JavaScript and character sets
  61. Ubuntu 10.4 beta & Windows 7 dual boot feat b43 wifi
  62. Downloading with Chrome causes it to crash
  63. Ambiance close button highlight too big
  64. Apt-get hangs the system?
  65. mplayer - or lucid - vs vdpau
  66. 8.04 to 10.04 desktop refresh
  67. Broadcom 4311 not working
  68. [SOLVED] mysterious crash report with 3rd party app
  69. [SOLVED] recordmydesktop and youtube
  70. Btrfs multi-device support
  71. SMS chat in Empathy
  72. will plymouth be removed on final release ?
  73. Power icon lagging
  74. PulseAudio/ALSA defaults
  75. [SOLVED] Trackpad issues with 10.4 beta
  76. A faster software center?
  77. PulseAudio + ICE1712 based soundcards = no go
  78. Lucid Bug -many Dupes in L'pad-Can't Dupe-Nautilus file error!
  79. Kernel Update Breaks System (PAE/nVidia)
  80. Audio is Gone
  81. Problems with Spotify after today's updates?
  82. Why is autopano-sift being used?
  83. [SOLVED] Is "Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) Beta 2" = the Release Candidate?
  84. When I changed the desktop wallpaper image... I can't change it back to the default.
  85. "Installed" kernels not available
  86. Why do I NEED Thai language support
  87. THANK YOU to all the deveopers on ALL the teams!
  88. Canīt compile a working Kernel using /boot/config-2.6.32-21-generic
  89. [SOLVED] xorg -video updates
  90. [SOLVED] i have a problem with mplayer of lucid and libfribidi-dev
  91. [SOLVED] Missing icons, where do I change it?
  92. [SOLVED] How do I fix apturl? Lucid
  93. [SOLVED] Boot CD Install Error. Lucid 10.04
  94. Framerate very low with opengl
  95. High memory usage of wnck-applet / gnome-panel
  96. nomodeset
  97. Random Freeze-ups
  98. Audio Applet with Tooltips how-to
  99. Plymouth???
  100. Internal Mic.. Works, but very muffled..
  101. splash screen hosed?!?!
  102. [SOLVED] Lubuntu + touchpad ; disable tap-to-click??
  103. 10.04 Installed today
  104. Compiz and movies don't go together with the fglrx driver
  105. Problem downloading updates from many reposetories
  106. Lucid boot extremely slow
  107. No boot after kernel upgrade to 2.6.32-21 on Lucid Beta2
  108. Google gadgets
  109. Cannot watch video (on most players) in Lucid.
  110. Grub Menu Missing..
  111. Can't launch firefox from link
  112. 10.04 tales of woe (Lost ability to boot into XP)
  113. Installtion difficulties
  114. [SOLVED] nVidia driver error in 10.04 beta 2
  115. Internet problems
  116. Vim colorscheme for terminal in Lucid
  117. Evolution applet bug
  118. Plymouth problem with NVIDIA driver
  119. How the heck do I disable plymouth completely?
  120. Indicator applet
  121. Lucid does not boot
  122. No Boot after upgrade...
  123. New Security Policy for executables
  124. Lucid cd under 700MB!!
  125. Empathy logs
  126. Multible Boot Problems
  127. Linux Sherlock Holmes needed [multiple kernel panic, apparently unrelated]
  128. [SOLVED] When will it be released?
  129. WPA2 Personal - Unable to connect
  130. fragmented notification area
  131. me-menu etc
  132. Print dialog slow to show up
  133. ATI HD4000 and Evergreen owners?
  134. [SOLVED] Strange problem with all IM applications ---
  135. [SOLVED] Lubuntu missing extra PPDs
  136. [SOLVED] xset for LED's not working?
  137. [SOLVED] LIRC + USB IR receiver and remote (mce) no longer working after upgrade!
  138. Getting hp3500c scanner to work
  139. What does Telepathy-Gnome package do and why she's not installed
  140. This java applet is maxing out my cpu. Anyone like to confirm?
  141. No IRC client in Lucid?
  142. [SOLVED] Evolution-Cannot receive GMAIL
  143. What do you think of Transparent Indicator Applet?
  144. 82845g _Desperate_ for a Work-around
  145. Terrible graphic issues
  146. Ubuntu 10.04 Release Candidate ISO Testing
  147. Metacity crash + strange desktop behaviour
  148. fgrlx Problem
  149. ipw2200 in Lucid Lynx
  150. Why does the command metacity doesn't work but compize does?
  151. ubuntu software center
  152. What happen to Medibuntu
  153. Shutdown/Restart brings back to login screen
  154. issue with devices changing IDs
  155. Any Radeon HD testers?
  156. udev rules with dot in key fails with Env must be KEY=VALUE pairs
  157. Why does empathy don't support file sending to other IM softwares?
  158. Indicator Applet acting funny...
  159. [SOLVED] Medibuntu - repositories are being ignored - any changes?
  160. [SOLVED] Boot Splash nVidia
  161. Andrdoid SDK and bash path on Beta 2
  162. [SOLVED] nVidia not installable yet.
  163. How to add buttons to nautilus?
  164. [SOLVED] Black bar on left side of screen
  165. Nautilus File-Permissions bugged
  166. Lucid Lynx / Acer Aspire One
  167. Several Lock ups
  168. [SOLVED] Internet Slow 100Mbps to 1.5Mbps
  169. Error whe i open pidgin error reading the information file error 0x000b
  170. Major desktop artifact issue using ATI card...
  171. Does Lucid for Sparc contain Ethoc driver?
  172. Very High Swap Usage while using Gwibber
  173. Linux insists I have a floppy drive
  174. "Other" in Menu
  175. USB-disk is fine, kernel has a hard time
  176. Error installing
  177. Lucid Gnome woes
  178. problems with sun-java on 64-bit lucid
  179. What should I file this *very* user-facing bug against?
  180. [SOLVED] Gthumb messed up
  181. Stopping the Notifications
  182. Volume Icon
  183. Multimedia Works (basically) Out of the Box!
  184. Synaptic search broken?
  185. Updates for 4-20-10
  186. Making Netgear WG511 work
  187. Unplugging second monitor
  188. Wrong colours Ubuntu 10.04
  189. [SOLVED] ATI Radeon HD 5770 Issue
  190. Xubuntu 10.04 Beta 2
  191. My pings tp site abroad are much higher in lucid then in windows 7
  192. [SOLVED] Is GUI package management getting overly complex?
  193. [SOLVED] Fresh install of lucid does not boot
  194. [SOLVED] deleted folders reappear after reboot
  195. Problem and questions
  196. Partial upgrade at this stage?
  197. [SOLVED] Low graphics mode
  198. Rhythmbox does not see iPhone, missing mountpoint
  199. Annoying
  200. boot freeze if not universal access preferences is loaded
  201. `passwd` for ActiveDirectory account gives "Authentication token manipulation error"
  202. Netbook Remix in Loop on Dell Latitude 2100
  203. Passwords and Encryption Keys does not require password to open
  204. Worrying Messages on Shutdown
  205. music distortion on heavy cpu usage
  206. cannot set frq 16000 to ep 0x86 - boot failure
  207. Call for testing: X.org server update [URGENT]
  208. Black > Boot splash > Black > Login screen
  209. Hulu Desktop in Lucid?
  210. Ready to switch for Lucid RC...
  211. Kubuntu 10.04 live cd boots into CLI desktop.
  212. Slow boot up times are unacceptible...
  213. Is it just me or there have not been any updates in the past two days?
  214. [SOLVED] W: GPG error
  215. shpchp: shpc_init: cannot reserve MMIO region
  216. Reporting back from a Eee 1005HA netbook.
  217. Upgrade from 9.10 > 10.04: Nvidia driver won't detect & set 1920x1200
  218. Palimpsest Disk Utility
  219. How do I set display resolution on old monitor?
  220. KDE freezes constantly, SO frustrating!
  221. QT App Dependencies
  222. lucid live cd stuck on purple screen
  223. How to upgrade from 9.04 to 10.04?
  224. No splash at boot up?
  225. ati hd 4330: how to install fglrx driver?
  226. Lucid Thermal Shutdowns
  227. Lucid Release candidate timing...
  228. Suspend issue on a Compaq Presario CQ60 Laptop
  229. [SOLVED] Network manager is turned off and firefox working in offline mode
  230. Trackpoint scrolling with Thinkpad T400
  231. Ambiance theme - menu separators appearance
  232. cairo-dock not working with latest updates
  233. Is this a BrainStorm idea or a bug?
  234. [SOLVED] Some applets disappeared
  235. New install to get RC, or ugrades from beta2 ??
  236. Ubuntu 10.04 Release Candidate - Read Before Testing!
  237. 10.04 RC and ATI
  238. [SOLVED] The update from Beta 2 to RC is only six mb?
  239. RC - Um, let's pretend I am a noob - Where's "Check CD for Defects"??
  240. [SOLVED] Help compiling latest lm-sensors
  241. Is It Worth Upgrading to RC
  242. Grub problems
  243. Enable nVidia Driver from Live CD
  244. [SOLVED] Nautilus URL display - text option?
  245. Lucid Lynx session dies when inserting USB
  246. Wine won't detect drives
  247. Any changes from April 22 --> Release Candidate?
  248. VisualEffects will not Enable
  249. End_request: I/O error after RC install
  250. Error updating from 9.10