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  1. ubuntu wireless vs xubuntu wireless
  2. acer-wmi: unable to detect available WMID devices on boot
  3. After upgrade to kernel 2.6.32-20 Lucid stop at plymouth
  4. Wireless failure
  5. Polite query: What advantagtes will Lucid bring?
  6. Help! Stuck at Boot after rolling 10.04 updates..
  7. Lubuntu default desktop
  8. [SOLVED] Cheese video recording is choppy
  9. Could not write bytes: broken pipes
  10. Removing Avant & Cairo docks.
  11. 10.04 and Dual Monitor flickering
  12. Freezes at login screen.
  13. [SOLVED] Panel placement not sticking well
  14. [Ubuntu 10.04] Windows 7 not detected on GRUB
  15. gnome-panel transparent background inconsistency
  16. Problem installing fglrx driver on 2.6.33 kernel
  17. Suspend (after login) problem
  18. Problem with gflrx driver recognize my screens as unknown
  19. Open Arena doesn't show any bots when in skirmish or regular play mode (LUCID LYNX)
  20. Suspend to Ram and Hybernate Problems
  21. Notify OSD in Netbook Remix
  22. How do I restore Ubuntu splash?
  23. Ubuntu download issue
  24. New eMachines e725 will lucid work?
  25. Twinhan USB IR not responding
  26. no POP3 option in Thunderbird - Lucid Beta 2
  27. Boots to Grub, says Lubuntu
  28. Memory errors in logs
  29. [SOLVED] logon lockup
  30. lucid on my toshiba can't see my d-link router.
  31. Daily Build, zsync?
  32. [open-arena 64-bit] Bots don't load due to bad file names
  33. 10.04 Beta 2 : No Boot Splash on Boot
  34. [SOLVED] Minor issue: Scroll through desktops doesn't work
  35. terminator not reading ~/.config/terminator/config
  36. Help writing udev rules in Lucid!
  37. [SOLVED] read/write mounted lucid drive from livecd
  38. [SOLVED] Cannot get linux-headers-2.6.32-20
  39. 2.6.32-20.28 Partial?
  40. Since update yesterday: cannot wake-up from suspend to RAM or Disk
  41. Can you help me find the "minimal-install" CD's?
  42. [SOLVED] WARNING updateStatus
  43. Possible bugs in Update manager.
  44. Use --loose-binding compiz parameter in lucid
  45. Where can i download debs of the most recent 2.6.32 kernel?
  46. Firefox JavaScript performence is still terrible
  47. VMWare Server 2 installation
  48. Grub problems with triple-boot
  49. Ubuntu 10.04 BETA 2 Upgrade problems
  50. Cannot even access the Live CD for 10.4 - Radeon issue?
  51. audio delay in alsa via pulse (worked in jaunty fails in lucid)
  52. Pidgin and Other System Tray Programs
  53. Cannot login after today's updates
  54. Kernel dissappeared after install?
  55. No wireless network Lucid Linux
  56. LOCKERZ PLAY Fixed in Lucid BETA 2
  57. [SOLVED] External (ntfs) HDD doesn't automount in Lucid (10.04)
  58. Comments About 10.04 64-bit Ubuntu.
  59. [SOLVED] How do I lock network manager on system tray in Lucid?
  60. Lucid Lynx running processes after booting into the OS.
  61. [SOLVED] Pls. help install Lucid Beta 2 - Ubiquity failed...
  62. Nautilus panel icon still not updated to new color scheme?
  63. lucid lynx beta 2 wont start
  64. Processes
  65. Problem in Lucid
  66. Lucid Lynx Beta 2 Memory Consumption.
  67. Lucid and RAID - fixed?
  68. VMware Mousepad Freeze
  69. Wireless regressions in latest Lucid Beta 2 Updates
  70. Open office dependency problem after upgrade
  71. No event sounds in Firefox
  72. Default refresh rate too high on Ubuntu 10.04 (need beta forum)
  73. What is going to be settled for an RT kernel in lucid?
  74. Audio/ Admin Issues in 10.04 Beta2
  75. [SOLVED] Apt ignoring everything except official repos
  76. Should I choose the ATI HD5750 or 4670 for lucid?
  77. [SOLVED] weird start up splash
  78. Dropbox Folder Icons for Lucid Themes
  79. TTYs and VTs broken
  80. [SOLVED] Kernel 2.6.32-20 crashed again over plymouth theme
  81. [SOLVED] Saying 'Hello' and seeking help with boot problem
  82. Little Annoyances
  83. Turning acpi off with new installer
  84. Re: live USB help
  85. Wireless on HP Compaq NX9005 - Lucid 10.04 beta2
  86. netbeans in lucid
  87. ubuntu one music store selection
  88. No sound in Kubuntu after update do Lucid
  89. How is it that kernel 2.6.32-20 is using 500mb+ of memory?
  90. V4L issues
  91. Unable to get to Login Screen after Upgrade
  92. When will ubuntu Lucid 10.04 support Intel GMA500 "Poulsbo" video hardware?
  93. [SOLVED] GRUB does nt save state
  94. Problems creating a valid DHCP configureation on Lucid Server x86 (Beta 2)
  95. Official Nvidia driver release with OpenGL 3.3/4.0
  96. GOOD NEWS for hp ProBook 5310m on Lucid 64 bit
  97. Dell Inspiron Mini 10v - Lucid 10.04 beta - netbook ed
  98. Beta seems to be missing gst/interfaces/tuner.h
  99. Lucid damaging boot sectors? true / false
  100. lucid gdm login banner
  101. Still rt2800usb and rt2870sta wirelss driver conflict?
  102. Failure on upgrade from 9.10 to Lucid
  103. Can't adjust volume slider
  104. Gnome Terminal: Legacy Profile doesn't work
  105. safe to install lucid yet?
  106. Problem When Checking Drive (Auto \during Boot Process)
  107. gksu functionality regression
  108. Boot issues, mulit-booting, eSATA in the mix
  109. Lucid and WPA2
  110. Ubuntu 10.04 and suspend resume
  111. DELL studio 14z (1440) on 10.4 (Lucid Lynx)
  112. Lucid wireless problems
  113. Beta 2 Sound applet or control on the gnome bar
  114. Ugrade from 8.04 fails
  115. Ether Saga, Lucid & Radeon 4800 w/ Proprietary Drivers
  116. [SOLVED] Window control buttons are on the wrong side in Lucid
  117. Network Tools / Ping tab closes Application
  118. Plymouth Space-Sunrise Bootscreen HOW-TO
  119. Mouse seems to stick every so often>?
  120. EeePC 901 wireless not connecting in ubuntu 10.04 beta 2
  121. Ubuntu stuck on boot loading screen after kernel update
  122. Remove resolvconf?
  123. Testing update from Karmic to Lucid Beta 2
  124. Weird little things in Lucid?
  125. testing 10.04
  126. Lucid Upgrade and Fresh Install Failure
  127. Last intel driver update kills compiz
  128. Stupid Question #83 (No firefox icon)
  129. 2nd lucid install changes root partition of first install
  130. Can't boot 10.04 beta 2
  131. how to install mozilla-mplayer in ubuntu 10.04?
  132. [SOLVED] Strigi Search won't autostart
  133. Mouse Preferences not working with ALPS touchpad
  134. Upgraded to Lucid. Now logging in taking long time
  135. Kernel Error while resuming
  136. A fine mess testing 10.04
  137. Beta 2 Boot Splash screen problem
  138. 10.04 crashed very new to Linux
  139. [SOLVED] 10.04, need help allowing sharing of subfolders
  140. Indicator Applet
  141. What the .....!
  142. [SOLVED] Dual boot. Grub error: Out of disk
  143. I have a strange problem with mplayer versions with lucid
  144. [SOLVED] Installing latest kernel claims no space left, df claims otherwise?
  145. Can't boot in Windows 7 after upgrading to Lucid
  146. Wireless broken by 10.04 beta 2 upgrade from 9.10 on EeePC 901
  147. Shutdown/Reboot only logs out?
  148. I Have a strange problem with the size of the ext4 partition
  149. Lucid Lynx installation requires password??
  150. My experience so far
  151. Transmission and banshee indicator applet bug
  152. [SOLVED] Update Warning: /etc/init.d/acpi-support missing LSB information
  153. messing with 2 monitors
  154. Telling plymouth not to start X server
  155. USB Startup failure
  156. Laptop CPU fan runs all the time
  157. Has ACPI Support caused this??
  158. Where's the grub boot selection screen gone?
  159. lucid vmplayer 3.0.1 install problem
  160. Hard disk usage becomes mad so have to ctrl+sysrq+k
  161. [SOLVED] Grub won't boot Debian on another partition.
  162. Changing drive mount point confuses Nautilus
  163. apt-get frequent segfaults
  164. Shutdown sequence is ignoring all "Are you sure?" prompts.
  165. Speadsheet won't print in openoffice
  166. [SOLVED] Huawei E620 - does it work in lucid yet?
  167. Cursor Theme Half Azz Works
  168. [SOLVED] Why does wine 1.2 asks to remove ttf-tahoma-replacement?
  169. gDesklets not running
  170. apache2 dependancy problems
  171. Asus 1005HA Hotkeys not working
  172. No wireless network Lucid Linux
  173. [SOLVED] Fixed: no NetworkManager icon in notification area
  174. Lucid on MBP 5.1
  175. Installation bug: blank screen
  176. GCC 4.5 and Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04
  177. [SOLVED] Lubuntu default keyring and wireless help
  178. [SOLVED] Login Problem - GDM Crashing
  179. [SOLVED] How Can I Safely Remove Older Kernels
  180. Does Xubuntu 10.04 use ALSA or Pulse?
  181. How do I disable 'Sharing notification' of Nautilus in Lucid
  182. Connect to WPA2-Enterprise wireless networks
  183. Can't get past the loading screen
  184. Lubuntu Audacity problem
  185. Ubuntu 10.04 beta 2 live CD won't boot to desktop
  186. MSI Wind U100 video-related crash
  187. [SOLVED] GCC 4.5 and Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04
  188. [SOLVED] Can acces server remotely and locally, can not access internet from server
  189. no GDM Login on Lucid
  190. [SOLVED] No shutdown/logout menu
  191. I need Gallium3d for lucid!
  192. [SOLVED] WIFI wont connect to WEP AP but will when WEP removed
  193. Window Manager Problems: no window decoration
  194. xchat sound problem in lucid
  195. RGBA with murrine
  196. Changes with 10.04?
  197. fast-user-switch-applet
  198. [SOLVED] wget does not work for addresses behind proxy
  199. Screen Flicker: Intel Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics
  200. [SOLVED] Ubuntu 10.4 wont boot
  201. Seesmic Web (Chrome Browser): fonts!?
  202. Install farm frenzy 3 exe on ubuntu 10.04
  203. SMB shares wont mounts (again)
  204. LucidL mounting root filesystem read only suddenly (dmesg attached)
  205. keyboard does't work in lucid beta 2
  206. high memory usage on boot
  207. Getting ThinkPads' ultranav to work with Lucid
  208. There is something very wrong with gnome-system-monitor sometimes
  209. [SOLVED] Disable 'Are you sure you want to close all programs and log out of the computer?'
  210. [SOLVED] Problems installing or uninstalling packages In Lucid Lynx
  211. Upgrading Hardy to Lucid drops into initramfs
  212. Skype will not Install UNR
  213. EXT3 FS on sda internal journal
  214. Start up goes to command line
  215. Why not bump gnome-icon-theme to 2.30?
  216. I want a countdown on my desktop :(
  217. Gwibber Accounts Problems
  218. [SOLVED] ttf-indic-fonts-core update error
  219. [SOLVED] Missing Ubuntu One in panel indicator applet and notifications in Lucid
  220. Problem installing ttf-indic-fonts-core from updates
  221. frequency scaling broken since 2.6.32-20
  222. Edit Copy/Move to locations
  223. Chromium cannot play full screen videos in Youtube
  224. Gimp doesn't start
  225. Audacious 2.3 upgrade and now sound problems
  226. disable touchpad while typing
  227. Broken packages after updates this morning
  228. Need help interpreting gtkglext error msg (Lucid beta2)
  229. [SOLVED] How can I remove the envelope icon
  230. Net monitor AWOL
  231. [SOLVED] Update problems: python-papyon, gwibber, software-center
  232. [SOLVED] Boot Grub error
  233. How to change the gnome menubar icon
  234. Windows doesn't exist...
  235. Warning: Thunderbird won't launch
  236. [SOLVED] Firefox fonts unreadable with Ambiance theme
  237. [SOLVED] Unable to boot from Installation CD (Lucid/Beta2)
  238. Wireless Slowdown
  239. X session suddenly crash with NVIDIA
  240. fan is not working what can i check?
  241. [SOLVED] GDM crashes when pressing Enter or selecting a user
  242. Menu Animations
  243. [SOLVED] who killed my butterfly on desktop?
  244. can't repair jfs filesystem
  245. Get rid of desktop folders?
  246. [SOLVED] How to burn an ISO in Ubuntu 10.04?
  247. weird messgae indicator applet
  248. [SOLVED] Universal Access Preferences
  249. lucid swfdec firefox problem solved (recurring) after upgrade from karmic
  250. [SOLVED] Lucid Lynx (10.04)!!!!