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  1. [ubuntu] All the old threads?
  2. [ubuntu] nvidia x drivers
  3. [ubuntu] Tascam US122 under Hardy - No Initialization
  4. [ubuntu] Making Gameboy/8-bit music
  5. [ubuntu] Streaming video through firewire, with a twist...
  6. [ubuntu] burning problems with philips spd2513bd 20x internal sata drive
  7. [ubuntu] Jack and Skype at Same Time?
  8. [ubuntu] Audacity-Recording and Playback Issues
  9. [ubuntu] Some little problems
  10. [ubuntu] Terratec PCI Cinergy - C - scanning stalls
  11. [all variants] ffmpeg question
  12. [ubuntu] Can't find Audacity
  13. [ubuntu] Can you burn bluRay backups with Hardy
  14. [kubuntu] Flash WYSIWYG for Linux?
  15. [ubuntu] No Line In Sound
  16. [ubuntu] lumiera
  17. [xubuntu] Exaile equalizer has no effect on sound
  18. [ubuntu] Playing VHS with gutsy
  19. [all variants] create the ubuntu logo in inkscape tutorials
  20. [all variants] Using Ubuntu for media students
  21. [ubuntu] Sound card settings change each startup
  22. [ubuntu] F-spot does not launch when I add SD card
  23. [ubuntu] other midi software
  24. [all variants] Tool to Create file with Burned in Timecode (BITC)
  25. [ubuntu] Newbie needs help...Delta1010/alsamixer/envy24 routing
  26. [ubuntu] Apple Shake not working on Hardy
  27. [ubuntu] Blender Crashes
  28. [other] having trouble with Jack xruns
  29. [ubuntu] Is it possible to stop the CD autoplay function?
  30. [ubuntu] GCDMaster doesn't work in Hardy
  31. [ubuntu] Microphone not recording.
  32. [xubuntu] Mic Input not working on Inspiron 1420 (SigmaTel STAC9228)
  33. [ubuntu] Unable to erase and burn CDRWs in hardy
  34. [all variants] Recording Rock in Ubuntu-- What works?
  35. [ubuntu] cannot download package information
  36. [ubuntu] Totem crash the machine
  37. [ubuntu] Podcast setup that works
  38. [ubuntu] python-flac for feisty (7.04)
  39. [other] new vst (lv2?), for isolating instruments from mp3s
  40. [all variants] Need older version lame mp3 codec - How?
  41. [ubuntu] Convert a lot of svg files to png
  42. [other] i assume aldrin is included in ubuntustudio...
  43. [all variants] Is basic recording info needed by many?
  44. [ubuntu] Devede wont start
  45. [ubuntu] Cinelerra not working on Hardy
  46. [all variants] How to convert video with these specification
  47. [ubuntu] Easiest way to copy a DVD?
  48. [all variants] Applications stopped responding to my midi controller
  49. [ubuntu] Avid Products For Linux
  50. [ubuntu] Has anyone got linuxsampler installed in gusty?
  51. [ubuntu] digital printing
  52. [ubuntu] Dualhead problem with my LCD-tv (wrong resolution)
  53. [ubuntu] In Car Entertainment test.
  54. [ubuntu] Cakewalk bundle files
  55. [ubuntu] libgettext for Blender
  56. [ubuntu] recording woes.
  57. [ubuntu] RecordMyDesktop Software Issue
  58. [ubuntu] Ubuntu studio keeps locking up
  59. [other] Recording and playing music at the same time
  60. [ubuntu] HD video looks horribly dithered.
  61. [other] UbuntuStudio -- situation with WISHLIST
  62. [ubuntu] converting rm to avi
  63. [ubuntu] Lost with jack audio server
  64. [all variants] Found some new plugins
  65. [ubuntu] Could not print large pictures
  66. [ubuntu] Audacity input source
  67. [other] Quick Ubuntu Studio question
  68. [ubuntu] ubuntu studio sound
  69. [ubuntu] ERROR: [mp2enc] Error reading wave data
  70. [ubuntu] format MTS
  71. [ubuntu] Video Capturing with Firewire and Editing
  72. [all variants] [SOLVED] Looking for an app that was in ubuntu...
  73. [ubuntu] 8.04 Hardy & Music Recording
  74. [all variants] Multimedia Converter: Fuoco tools
  75. [ubuntu] JACK/FIREPOD/PD confusion.
  76. [ubuntu] Kino is going to make me blow a gasket; distorted audio in mpeg output
  77. [ubuntu] Streaming Livestream with Amarok
  78. [ubuntu] HELP! kdenlive not capturing
  79. [ubuntu] Audio Disc Failing
  80. [ubuntu] Rezound Playback
  81. [all variants] I'm no web developer, but this is good news, right?
  82. [other] QDVDauthor: Can't import Kino edit list
  83. [ubuntu] Linux compatible composite-USB converter?
  84. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] streamtuner programme
  85. [ubuntu] Loss of Sound
  86. [ubuntu] Inserting A Second's Silence
  87. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Devede audio does work
  88. [all variants] Machinima Creation
  89. [SOLVED] my sound settings are a mess
  90. [ubuntu] Jack control freezes
  91. [ubuntu] CELP+ADPCM Format/s supported?
  92. [ubuntu] How to convert ogg to mp3
  93. [other] Getting Beast to play along
  94. [other] How do I send video to OS-X?
  95. [ubuntu] JACK provides appalling sound quality
  96. [ubuntu] Jack problem in Hardy
  97. [ubuntu] 8.5 dvd dl writing in 8.0.4, how?!
  98. [ubuntu] Why do cd's skip in Amarok??
  99. [ubuntu] 5 Channel Audio Not Working!
  100. [ubuntu] Jackd Latencies through roof in Hardy
  101. [SOLVED] Pianoteq linux setup?
  102. [ubuntu] totem-xine, miro: no sound, but sound works fine in xine-ui
  103. [all variants] FLAC to mp3 with LAME results in white noise
  104. [ubuntu] flash streaming and audio
  105. [all variants] Read: Abobe Announces Open Screen Project 2008
  106. [all variants] When to interlace/deinterlace?
  107. [all variants] Making Audacity work in 8.04
  108. [ubuntu] cleaning sound files in Ardour
  109. [all variants] Converting Mulitimedia for PSP and Archos 404
  110. [ubuntu] PSP + Mencoder
  111. [ubuntu] No sound with audacity
  112. [ubuntu] audacity midi
  113. [ubuntu] Is there an ubuntu program that has a feature similar to garageband's 'magic' feature
  114. [all variants] Hydrogen with freebob
  115. [all variants] x264/mencoder/ffmpeg on a dual quad core
  116. [ubuntu] Can I edit out buzzing?
  117. [ubuntu] h.264 cinelerra Imports only audio no video
  118. [ubuntu] KDENLIVE activation causes Hardy Restart - Why?
  119. [ubuntu] FFmpeg Conversion of MPEG -> Unknown Codec 'aac'
  120. [other] How do I burn an actual Audio CD, not MP3's?
  121. [other] gimp save layers?
  122. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] what are best settings to keep a video file to a minimum size in open movie
  123. [other] Ubuntu Studio 8.04 x64 + cmi8788, help wanted
  124. [ubuntu] Complete package remove from repository
  125. [ubuntu] kdenlive?
  126. [ubuntu] totem-xine audio problem
  127. [ubuntu] Firewire dv camcorder
  128. [ubuntu] Handbrake GTK- stuck?
  129. [all variants] Screencast on Ubuntu? I've tried many methods and failed.
  130. [ubuntu] m-audio fast track USB on ubuntustudio
  131. [ubuntu] Problem with Qjackctl and my soundcard
  132. [other] Help me with my crackfull FLAC converter script
  133. [ubuntu] Microphone Difficulties, Not Recording (again)
  134. [ubuntu] alesis io|26 with Jack?
  135. [ubuntu] Recording music
  136. [other] M-Audio Key Rig 49 doesnt seem to work
  137. [mythbuntu] Audacity NO SOUND Please Help
  138. [all variants] Output equalizer
  139. [ubuntu] 8.04 How to get audio in KDENLIVE flv export?
  140. [all variants] fontforge crashes because of missing bitmap font
  141. [all variants] Flash Graphics and Linux
  142. [ubuntu] Jack doesn't monitor my soundcard's inputs
  143. [all variants] Previous Frames in Stream.
  144. [ubuntu] how to install LMMS
  145. [ubuntu] rhythmbox chashes downloading podcast
  146. [ubuntu] solfege
  147. [ubuntu] dvdslideshow problem
  148. [ubuntu] Wireless doesn't work in ubuntu studio
  149. [ubuntu] Wow, how reliable.
  150. [ubuntu] Why can some DVDs be copied and others can't??(FIRST POST)
  151. [ubuntu] Midi not working under Wine
  152. [all variants] kdenlive, putting a frame or transparent pic?
  153. [ubuntu] JACK settings help
  154. [ubuntu] Ardour -- no sound to record
  155. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Replacement for Windows movie maker
  156. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] muse : fluidsynth setup appears only the first time
  157. [ubuntu] gimp 2.5 compiling
  158. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 8.04 doesn't like Blender?
  159. [ubuntu] how to add subtitle to an MKV file?
  160. [ubuntu] multiple sound card/jack/ALSA/freebob - help me!
  161. [ubuntu] Playing .daa files
  162. [ubuntu] How do you rip DVD Clips.
  163. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Which webcam?
  164. [ubuntu] Hydrogen is choppy and distorted
  165. [ubuntu] what flash player do I have installed and how do I remove it
  166. [ubuntu] Legality of using MP3 codec on Ubuntu for commercial use
  167. [all variants] plug and play DAC/MIDI device
  168. [kubuntu] Livemix application
  169. [ubuntu] Screen recording with screenshots
  170. [ubuntu] Problem instaliing realtek alsa driver
  171. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Movie editing
  172. [all variants] I'm looking for an Adobe After Effects alternative.
  173. [all variants] Favorite audio creation program?
  174. [ubuntu] login souds in 8.04
  175. [other] Serious problems with JACK
  176. [all variants] Possible fix to much Cinelerra Buginess
  177. [ubuntu] no sound with audio files
  178. [other] Help me to solve my problem!!
  179. [kubuntu] [SOLVED]Crash kdenlive i cannot open it LOL
  180. [ubuntu] DeVeDe outputs wrong aspect ratio
  181. [ubuntu] Few sound issues
  182. [ubuntu] Image quality/conversion
  183. [other] Ubuntustudio or 64studio?
  184. [ubuntu] Noob ALSA question: Setting USB Mic as Default Input
  185. [all variants] [SOLVED] Guitar effect pluggin
  186. [ubuntu] Ardour: why the edit cursor disappeared???
  187. [other] Line 6 podxt usb driver problems...
  188. [ubuntu] From .ogg to .wmv or avi!!! how!!
  189. [ubuntu] midi recording...
  190. [ubuntu] Intel® Desktop Board D865GVHZ Audio Driver problem;
  191. [ubuntu] YouTube video/audio skips and plays ?
  192. [ubuntu] When I try to open a 'jpg' image
  193. [ubuntu] FFmpeg error
  194. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 8.04 to ubuntustudio
  195. [ubuntu] Problem With (MPlayer)
  196. [ubuntu] save configuration with qSynth
  197. [ubuntu] need jackd/darkice/oddcast command lines
  198. [kubuntu] Jack and Audigy 2 ZS - capture and hwmix problems
  199. [ubuntu] Alsa mixer resets after rebooting
  200. [ubuntu] Kaffeine and ME-TV
  201. [all variants] dvd remastering
  202. [ubuntu] Video editing?
  203. [ubuntu] Help - New to Recording in Ubuntu
  204. [ubuntu] installation help....
  205. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Does anyone know of a great Avidemux guide / tutorial?
  206. [all variants] DVD probs: disc recog hit-or-miss, noises, drives won't open... (but works in XP)
  207. [ubuntu] Muxing multichannel flac?
  208. [all variants] guitar + line 6 POD w/ Ubuntu
  209. [ubuntu] Analog video from camcorder
  210. [other] does jahshaka come with ubuntu studio
  211. [ubuntu] Focusrite Saffire LE
  212. [ubuntu] Audacity only works if I uncheck the playthrough options.
  213. [ubuntu] [CRASHING] During the Amarok Configuration
  214. [ubuntu] Best mp3 editing software
  215. [ubuntu] What's good tool to make photo slide shows for Youtube?
  216. [ubuntu] Ardour beginner issue: "capture" captures "playback"
  217. [ubuntu] Problem while want to Play VCD
  218. [ubuntu] Creating a DVD from .avi files
  219. [other] Ubuntu studio Nightmare
  220. [ubuntu] Audacity error
  221. [ubuntu] MPlayer & Fraps (possible FFmpeg issue?)
  222. [all variants] [SOLVED] dir2slideshow && dvd-slideshow error????
  223. [other] Error in Banshee
  224. [other] .aas file extensions
  225. [ubuntu] I can't export file MP3 in Audacity.
  226. [all variants] Trying to install newest freebob...wont work
  227. [all variants] Gpodder problem
  228. [ubuntu] Cinelerra Alternative
  229. [ubuntu] Skype/Wengophone AMD64 Hardy
  230. [all variants] How to create a menu to select AVI files on DVD?
  231. [gnome] Dreamweaver kind s/w for linux
  232. [ubuntu] Installing Mixxx 1.5.0
  233. [ubuntu] overdrive soundcard
  234. [all variants] Video transition in Kino
  235. [all variants] Possible to stream mkv HD files to xbox 360?
  236. [ubuntu] rhythm box not playing mp3s
  237. [ubuntu] Sound Juicer
  238. [ubuntu] recordmydesktop
  239. [xubuntu] Sequencer / Digital Audio Workstation for Older Computer
  240. [ubuntu] How do I generate video overlays over live feed?
  241. [ubuntu] Gutsy? New Soundcard? or Pulse Audio removal...
  242. [ubuntu] blender does not have a window
  243. [ubuntu] subtitle ripping - is there ANYTHING out there?
  244. [ubuntu] AVI to PSP [mp4] Converter
  245. [all variants] WMV or MP4 to DVD whats best and what tools to use?
  246. [ubuntu] Hardy Heron--Fix for Gimp 2.4.5 Problem with Moving Selections.
  247. [all variants] Converting a 9gig mkv file into 4.4gig mkv file
  248. [ubuntu] Start up problem
  249. [ubuntu] Ardour2 VST installation
  250. [other] Looking for a way to measure ambient noise