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  1. [ubuntu] Tascam us-122: lights on but no sound
  2. [ubuntu_studio] studio ubuntu emergeny
  3. [ubuntu_studio] ubuntu studio
  4. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Install disc will not boot.
  5. [ubuntu_studio] New to ubuntu studio
  6. [ubuntu_studio] Presonus 1Box + UbuntuStudio - Will it work?
  7. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio Creation: Copyrights, Trademarks and License Fees?
  8. [kubuntu] Updating Failures kxstudio 10.4.02 64 bit
  9. [ubuntu] Asus EeePc MK90H & Ubuntu 10.04 Problem
  10. [ubuntu] Mixcraft 5 not running
  11. [ubuntu_studio] Best brass samples for Linux
  12. [ubuntu_studio] Can't save network setting
  13. [ubuntu_studio] Kernel 2.6.31-21-preempt
  14. [ubuntu_studio] Instructions to make MOTU MIDI Express XT Work?
  15. [SOLVED] No sound from Hydrogen (setting up ubuntu studio)
  16. [ubuntu_studio] Jack Crashing after starting
  17. [ubuntu_studio] usb mic with jack
  18. [ubuntu_studio] Tascam US-122 in Studio 10.04
  19. [ubuntu] guvcview recording video and audio out of Synchronization in Ubuntu 10.10
  20. [SOLVED] Ableton Live, Wine, Jack, and ALSA: an impossible combination?
  21. [all variants] Question about data transfer
  22. [ubuntu_studio] Dual boot Ubuntu Studio 10.10 / 11.04 won't boot
  23. [kubuntu] kill Process inquires --need help
  24. [SOLVED] Help! Wi-fi not working.
  25. [ubuntu] Not booting normal
  26. [ubuntu_studio] Guitar Hero Midi Control?
  27. [ubuntu] Create flash games in Ubuntu
  28. [ubuntu_studio] Could not connect to JACK server as client. - Overall operation failed. - Unable to c
  29. [ubuntu_studio] Upgrade from Ubuntu
  30. [ubuntu] Good compatible audio recording hardware
  31. [ubuntu_studio] my ideas and suggestions :)
  32. [ubuntu_studio] Hardware Drivers locked out.
  33. [ubuntu] No webcam chats for Ubuntu users!?
  34. [ubuntu_studio] UM-1G usb MIDI interface stopped working
  35. [ubuntu] huawei ec1260
  36. [ubuntu_studio] piano tuner
  37. [ubuntu_studio] Fresh install of Lucid 10.04 + Delta 44 (ICE1712) = Can't start jackd
  38. [ubuntu_studio] Please Help: About to give up on Ubuntu Studio because of JACK
  39. [ubuntu] Fast track pro and jack in Duplex mode
  40. [ubuntu_studio] touchscreen?
  41. [ubuntu_studio] working on projects on 2 computers
  42. [ubuntu] So i was wondering if theres some way i can....
  43. [ubuntu_studio] New Ubuntu Studio Art Lead
  44. [ubuntu] mencoder GUI
  45. [SOLVED] RME sound card won't work
  46. [ubuntu_studio] Can't get any sound from MIDI keyboard
  47. [ubuntu] Delta 1010lt
  48. [ubuntu_studio] Yet another "Im building a Studio PC...." thread
  49. [ubuntu_studio] no playback thru GNX3000
  50. [ubuntu_studio] no wireless internet
  51. [ubuntu] Ardour3 alpha is searching for testers
  52. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio Synaptic install questions?
  53. [ubuntu_studio] edirol fa-66 and ubuntu
  54. Why do I have studio?
  55. [ubuntu] batch convert/transfer file name and ID tag from m4a to wav
  56. [ubuntu_studio] Podcasting questions
  57. [ubuntu_studio] Synaptic Issue
  58. [ubuntu] tamtammini within sugar on Ubuntu
  59. [ubuntu_studio] Jack/Youtube/Chromium
  60. [ubuntu] Help with Echo Audiofire 4 and Ubuntu 10.10
  61. [ubuntu_studio] Studio 10.10 dualboot on Mac -- launching any app crashes the whole machine
  62. [ubuntu_studio] emu 1212m ubuntu studio 10.04
  63. [all variants] PDF to PNG with fixed resolution
  64. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu studio apps? from a newbie
  65. [ubuntu] (n00b) Switching to Ubuntu Studio Version
  66. [ubuntu] Compiz crashes and Renoise locks up when loading VST GUI
  67. [ubuntu_studio] problem printing with picasa2 after installing ubuntu studio
  68. [ubuntu_studio] Installing ubuntustudio-desktop upgraded whole system
  69. [ubuntu_studio] LIghtworks Open Source Video Editor
  70. [ubuntu_studio] programs opening
  71. [ubuntu_studio] What frames/periods (latency) do you use ?
  72. [ubuntu_studio] USB Audio Interfaces
  73. [ubuntu] upgrade to studio not working
  74. [SOLVED] Amarok and jack problem-->JACK freezes/ scratching noises
  75. AVLinux external drive mounting issues
  76. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Studio demo site?
  77. [ubuntu_studio] LMMS not loading DFH samples/Amplitube
  78. [SOLVED] JACK/asla xrun problem in 10.10
  79. [ubuntu_studio] Nooblet needs some help (Envy24 control related)
  80. [ubuntu_studio] how to use vst's in ubuntu
  81. [ubuntu] "Ubuntu" Built in speaker not working
  82. [SOLVED] Mixed Midi Messages (Hydrogen)
  83. [ubuntu_studio] Anyone using firewire audio interfaces with ubuntu?
  84. [ubuntu] Can Ubuntu simulate a Behringer DEQ2496?
  85. [ubuntu_studio] Lexicon IONIX U82S ..... compatible?
  86. [ubuntu_studio] jack control only works sometimes
  87. [SOLVED] Installing UbuntuStudio over 10.04 lts?
  88. [ubuntu_studio] Memory considerations and RT kernel with VMWare
  89. [SOLVED] No audio from youtube video if jackcontrol is open
  90. [ubuntu_studio] how to put jack.pc in pkg_config_path?
  91. [ubuntu_studio] ubuntu kernel / ardour export issues (also vmware with rt kernel result)
  92. [ubuntu] Ubuntu maverick and presonus firepod
  93. [SOLVED] annoying problem with changing outputs in Jack
  94. [all variants] ubuntu studio vs kubuntu
  95. [ubuntu_studio] boot up screen not the same
  96. [ubuntu_studio] Amplitube changes marketing to ala carte
  97. [ubuntu_studio] Ive tried and tried
  98. [SOLVED] Is it low latency?
  99. [ubuntu] Activating VGA monitor output in Ubuntu
  100. [ubuntu_studio] Compressor for flash (Ustream)
  101. [ubuntu_studio] Installation problems - Debootstrap - red screen
  102. [ubuntu] Microphone issues
  103. [ubuntu_studio] Pacmd xrun crazy
  104. [SOLVED] 2.6.35-28.80 Shuts down very slowly
  105. [ubuntu_studio] Dual Boot: Windows XP & Ubuntu (Studio)
  106. [ubuntu_studio] software manager
  107. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu desktop and ubuntu studio to another partition
  108. [ubuntu_studio] Rakarrak effects tutorial
  109. [SOLVED] Whose getting prority here?
  110. [SOLVED] USB 3 and XRUN
  111. [SOLVED] EHCI and USB Sound Card
  112. [ubuntu_studio] delta 66 card and Audacity
  113. [ubuntu_studio] Kxstudio merge with Ustudio 11.04?
  114. [gnome] Laptop volume level is initially very high
  115. [ubuntu_studio] Which version? 8.04.1 Hardy or .... ?
  116. [ubuntu_studio] Mobile users: power use rising in 11.04
  117. Jack latency - ubuntu realtime, ubuntu low latency, arch i686
  118. [ubuntu_studio] History of Ubuntu Studio
  119. [ubuntu] rosegarden configuration!! Pulling my hair out
  120. [SOLVED] reaper (all wine/wineasio) refuses to connect to jack clients
  121. [ubuntu] raw1394 permissions
  122. [ubuntu_studio] ALSA-MIDI makes cracking noise
  123. [ubuntu_studio] Natty studio????
  124. [ubuntu_studio] Wineasio no longer working after upgrade to 10.04. No ALSA wavout option in winecfg.
  125. [all variants] How to make a good metal distortion?
  126. [SOLVED] Upgrade notification
  127. [ubuntu] upgrading/changing back to standard distro.
  128. [ubuntu_studio] is it possible to change the default connections in jack?
  129. [ubuntu_studio] I think Ubuntu Studio killed my GPU.
  130. [ubuntu_studio] How do I Set Compiz as Default Window Manager
  131. [ubuntu_studio] Where's my MIDI Keyboard in Jack ?
  132. [ubuntu] Boot Trouble
  133. [SOLVED] phasex errors
  134. [ubuntu_studio] How to Dual Boot with Windows 7?
  135. Startup problem with Unity
  136. [SOLVED] Which version should I install?
  137. [ubuntu] how to revert from ubuntu 11 to 10
  138. [ubuntu] Proprietary video formats
  139. [ubuntu] SMILE error on render time
  140. [SOLVED] Sound Issue using Tascam US-122L on Lucid Lynx
  141. [ubuntu_studio] Samson C01U Mic very static recordings
  142. [ubuntu_studio] Help with Roland GR-55
  143. *buntu 64 bit = gimp 64 bit ?
  144. [ubuntu_studio] multiboot
  145. [ubuntu_studio] Getting Motu MicroLite working
  146. [ubuntu] ubuntu 11.04 failed to boot...
  147. [SOLVED] Using a MIDI controller for two or more Channels
  148. [ubuntu] Inspiron 1545 Ubuntu 11.04 wifi don't working
  149. [all variants] Portable computer to use live
  150. [ubuntu_studio] Audacity ugly looks
  151. [ubuntu_studio] Blue tint video Ubuntu Studio
  152. [ubuntu_studio] MIDI Arranger That Plays Different Genres
  153. [ubuntu_studio] Could not connect to Jack Server as Client ... etc
  154. [ubuntu] Need Audio Recording Tips!
  155. [SOLVED] ffmpeg help: wav bit depth conversion
  156. [ubuntu] Terratec DMX6Fire in Natty
  157. [ubuntu_studio] General Question About Plugins
  158. [ubuntu_studio] USB audio interface
  159. [ubuntu] Simple software for MIDI keyboard?
  160. [ubuntu_studio] Rosegarden/Ardour/Jack Transport
  161. [ubuntu] Envy24cntrol stuck on s/pdif output
  162. [ubuntu] Nautilus problem in ubuntu 11.04
  163. [ubuntu_studio] Studio Compatible with 11.04 upgrade
  164. [ubuntu_studio] Problems Installing 11.04 on VMware
  165. [ubuntu] SEQ24 > Bristol > Ardour problems
  166. [ubuntu_studio] Below minimum system specs
  167. [ubuntu] Jack tumbling after
  168. [ubuntu_studio] Jack turned into a mouse
  169. [ubuntu_studio] Grub Startup Manger not working in 11.04
  170. [ubuntu_studio] No sound from laptop speaker, headphones work
  171. [ubuntu] Sound problem
  172. [ubuntu_studio] upgrade (10.10 -> 11.04) failed.
  173. [SOLVED] low latency kernel only works for super user
  174. [ubuntu_studio] Muse canīt connect to Jack (Error Message)
  175. [SOLVED] Lexicon Omega doesn't work in ubuntu studio 10.10
  176. [ubuntu_studio] [Help] Installation Of Packaged Softwares after installation of Ubuntu Studio
  177. [ubuntu_studio] Kxstudio Network-Manager dependencies issue
  178. [ubuntu_studio] MusE doesnīt start: Config file might be corrupted. Unkown shortcut: toggle_mi
  179. [ubuntu_studio] Is this distribution recommended for SDLMAME?
  180. [ubuntu_studio] Getting Ardour to Record?
  181. [ubuntu_studio] How do you remove kxstudio
  182. [ubuntu_studio] ART USB Dual Preamp as audio output
  183. [ubuntu_studio] can't get any sound
  184. [ubuntu_studio] 4 playback ports on qjackctl
  185. [ubuntu_studio] Installing JDK
  186. [SOLVED] [kubuntu] 7.1 Output with M-Audio Delta 1010LT and Jack on Kubuntu Install
  187. [ubuntu_studio] no sound on system:capture_2
  188. [ubuntu_studio] Is the Linuxsampler project abandoned?
  189. [ubuntu] hard disc file systems
  190. [ubuntu_studio] 11.04 question
  191. [ubuntu] Installing pd-extended on Natty
  192. [ubuntu_studio] Card and audio detected but can't be heard
  193. [ubuntu_studio] Can't add to panel
  194. [ubuntu] Can't find Jack Alsa plugin module
  195. [ubuntu_studio] How can i connect JACK and PulseAudio without messing around with packages?
  196. [ubuntu_studio] "Ghetto" Implementation
  197. [ubuntu] Kdenlive question
  198. [ubuntu_studio] Audacity - loop crackles - fine in Audacity???
  199. [SOLVED] Recording Wine Output With Audacity
  200. [ubuntu] Sound issue...
  201. [SOLVED] mixxx dj goodies
  202. [ubuntu_studio] KX Studio
  203. [ubuntu] Exporting the distro?
  204. [ubuntu_studio] Please Upgrade Blender!
  205. [ubuntu_studio] I need help installing on VMware
  206. [ubuntu_studio] Installing Ubuntu Studio on a Mac with Windows
  207. [ubuntu_studio] Monitor temperature adapt to ambient light changes
  208. [ubuntu_studio] tuplets
  209. [ubuntu] Qtractor questions
  210. [ubuntu_studio] KXStudio - questions / answers
  211. [ubuntu_studio] Jack (QjackCtl) problems
  212. [ubuntu_studio] Internet doesn't work in 11.04
  213. [ubuntu_studio] Looking for a sound card
  214. [ubuntu_studio] Transport PC - Spdif output to external dac via jack?
  215. [all variants] if you've had trouble with gnome_wave_cleaner. . .
  216. [ubuntu] ubuntu studio 10.04, not detecting networking devices
  217. [ubuntu_studio] 2011 course of the Ubuntu Studio?
  218. [kubuntu] diagnosing x runs kxstudio 10.04.02 64amd
  219. [ubuntu] Reason 4 install in wine.
  220. [ubuntu] Can't reconnect to WiFi
  221. [ubuntu] USB Audio interface low volume
  222. [ubuntu_studio] EMU Tracker USB not appearing in Patchage
  223. [ubuntu_studio] Adding packages after install
  224. [ubuntu_studio] ardour + aeolus
  225. [SOLVED] [10.04] Issues with FFADO using Focusrite Saffire LE
  226. [ubuntu] Alsa low volume signal
  227. [ubuntu_studio] live notation possible?
  228. [SOLVED] Via vt1708s Azalia No sound when starting jack sound server.
  229. [SOLVED] MD5s?
  230. [ubuntu_studio] LinuxSampler is back in town
  231. [SOLVED] Poor Boot Splash
  232. [ubuntu] Can t run clips on YouToube
  233. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 11.04/11.04 studio won't shutdown.
  234. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Studio
  235. [ubuntu] Upgrade to 11.04
  236. [ubuntu_studio] 11.04 64 bit troubles
  237. [ubuntu_studio] ALSA-JACK Audio levels too low
  238. [ubuntu_studio] No Sound with Biostar TF720 A2+
  239. [ubuntu_studio] Maybe Useful Info for all sound problems posted
  240. [ubuntu_studio] PreSonus AudioBox USB and Jackd
  241. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Lucid - missing jackd package?
  242. [ubuntu_studio] Full Upgrade vs Selective Upgrade?
  243. [ubuntu_studio] sound stops in rosegarden
  244. [ubuntu_studio] Ardour 3 alpha7 released
  245. [ubuntu_studio] Will the gina 3g work on ubuntu?
  246. [all variants] Audiotool for Chrome
  247. [ubuntu_studio] Looking for Artists willing to have music featured in video review
  248. [ubuntu] really need manuals or lessons that teach the basics
  249. [ubuntu_studio] soundtouch for 11.04
  250. [ubuntu_studio] soundcard not all channels visible