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  1. [ubuntu] Video Editor / Movie Maker Development Contributions
  2. [ubuntu_studio] 64 Studio 3.0 (beta) vs UbuntyStudio 8.04
  3. [ubuntu_studio] Problem starting jackd at boot
  4. [ubuntu] ffmpeg with audio ripping from .flv issues with current ubuntu release.
  5. [ubuntu] Creating sound effects
  6. [ubuntu] Inkscape won't change stroke style!
  7. [ubuntu] gradient fade out last 5 secs from command line
  8. [all variants] how to install ggseq, gungirl sequencer.
  9. [all variants] Best Linux Video Editing System
  10. [all variants] Production quality video player needed.
  11. [ubuntu] Audio issues on the System76 Darter (white)
  12. [all variants] No package for Picasa?
  13. [ubuntu] MIDI - no sound
  14. [ubuntu] Audacity will not record sound playing through speakers
  15. [ubuntu] Cinelerra has bad sound but system has good sound
  16. [ubuntu] Questions on creating video library from DVD's
  17. [ubuntu] No sound with JACK
  18. [ubuntu_studio] Ardour, LV2, Invada, Zynjacku and Dependencies
  19. [SOLVED] No ramp texture showing in maya 2009?
  20. [all variants] cannot find capture support for my camcorder.
  21. [ubuntu] get midi playing with noteedit or renoise
  22. [ubuntu] audacity voice recording being weird
  23. [kubuntu] k3b and isrc
  24. [ubuntu] Openlaszlo Installation
  25. [ubuntu] Gnome or KDE for video editing?
  26. [all variants] Openoffice 3.1 Superscript/Subscript Rendering Problems
  27. [ubuntu] Line-in loud and distorted
  28. [ubuntu_studio] New pc for music production
  29. [ubuntu] ALT key issues with Blender
  30. [ubuntu] Converting AVI to FLV lossless?
  31. [ubuntu_studio] What Mixer is working with Ubuntu (Studio)?
  32. [all variants] DVD-Video to MPEG-2
  33. [ubuntu] Hello Fellow Music Producers
  34. [ubuntu_studio] Movie style Text Animation using Studio???
  35. [other] Disco pigeon noise
  36. [ubuntu_studio] MetaVidWiki_Software
  37. [ubuntu] Which worthwhile soundcards are compatible with Ubuntu?
  38. [ubuntu_studio] How to help Ubuntu Studio Questions
  39. [ubuntu] Video Enhancement
  40. [ubuntu] Poser, or something similar
  41. [ubuntu] installing FST in Ubuntu Studio
  42. [ubuntu] somaplayer
  43. [ubuntu] capture from soundcard
  44. [ubuntu] Convert wav or mp3 for upload on youtube
  45. [ubuntu] Flash MX and Crossover
  46. [SOLVED] lmms uninstallable in ubuntu studio 8.04?
  47. [ubuntu] Issues capturing DV, help needed.
  48. [ubuntu] Video editing programs that hadle mpeg2-TS files
  49. [ubuntu] No input from mic?
  50. [SOLVED] Maya 2009 bug?
  51. [ubuntu] Ubunut 9.04 server Concurrent connections limit
  52. Problems with JACK and qjackctrl
  53. [ubuntu] Running 4D blue on Ubuntu using WINE
  54. [ubuntu] Video Pixelisation
  55. [ubuntu_studio] Firewire audio interface + noob = sorry, i could use help x.x
  56. [gnome] xara 3d like program?
  57. [all variants] Linux equivalent(s) of MS Publisher
  58. [ubuntu] audacity preferences error: no audio devices (but orther audio programs work fine)
  59. [all variants] HOWTO create SRT subtitles from VOB files
  60. [all variants] Is there an alternative to VLC for transcoding video?
  61. [ubuntu] Software alternative
  62. [gnome] Looking for easy electronic-music production software
  63. [ubuntu] Problem - Video editing on a netbook
  64. [ubuntu] JACK audio connection wont work
  65. [ubuntu] Please help fix gphoto !
  66. [SOLVED] cd label programme
  67. Problems Starting Jack
  68. [ubuntu] Desktop camera?
  69. [ubuntu_studio] jackd not working with creative x-fi sound card
  70. [ubuntu] MIDI Keyboard?
  71. [ubuntu] Visualization problem on dvd created with DeVeDe
  72. [ubuntu] How do I run this blender ?
  73. [ubuntu] Of Typewriter effect and Hollywood credits.
  74. [ubuntu_studio] JACK doesn't work...
  75. [ubuntu_studio] Blender locks up on TAB Press
  76. [ubuntu_studio] getting QSynth, Rosegarden and Jack to work
  77. [ubuntu] a/v off sync any Video Editor
  78. [ubuntu] how to open .blb files, interpret them, or convert them
  79. [all variants] URGENT: Get Open Video to the Influential People < 30 seconds (+bonus)
  80. [ubuntu_studio] rosegarden and midi-in for animatronics
  81. [ubuntu] Transparency problem with Gimp for image manipilation.
  82. [ubuntu] how to shut down pulse audio
  83. [ubuntu] Xvidcap terminates itself.
  84. [ubuntu] nted - tiMidity - distortion
  85. [other] real time for IRQ
  86. [ubuntu] In-game screen recorder?
  87. [kubuntu] JACK server problem XRUN callback
  88. [SOLVED] How to change Blender user preferences? (V2.49b)
  89. [all variants] HOW-TO: FL Studio 9 in Ubuntu (using Wine)
  90. [ubuntu_studio] Realtime kernel freezes b4 login
  91. [ubuntu] LIve Streaming Radio Stations
  92. [ubuntu] espeak for non-root user
  93. [ubuntu_studio] Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder for ubuntu?
  94. [ubuntu] Devede makes files too small
  95. [ubuntu] Brasero needs a plugin
  96. [all variants] Draft movie from image sequence with pauses like avisynth? AVIdemux? SMIL? Blender?
  97. [ubuntu] Open Source Newspaper
  98. [ubuntu] need help setting up to record a classroom.
  99. [ubuntu] Glue a .ogv and .ogg file together?
  100. [ubuntu] free transform tool / image to perspective?
  101. [SOLVED] Jack not working with other programs
  102. [ubuntu_studio] FluidSynth fails to sintetize more 85% events generated by Drum machine ALESIS D4.
  103. [SOLVED] Music notation software
  104. [ubuntu_studio] JACK and Hydrogen audio issues
  105. [xubuntu] Program for making electronic music
  106. [ubuntu] GIMP crashes/freezes when making new image
  107. [ubuntu] Importing HDV30 from Canon via 1394
  108. How to install and make and edit the songs on stepmaina
  109. [ubuntu] LMMS rendering bad wav & ogg with ugly crackle
  110. [ubuntu] Rakarrack: using sound effects?
  111. [ubuntu] 9.04 LIRC device not created
  112. [all variants] HOW-TO: Fix F-Spot time adjustment via patch
  113. [ubuntu] Terratec PHase 22,28 ubuntu studio JACK
  114. [ubuntu_studio] RT issues in 9.04
  115. [ubuntu] Live video OSD (custom text)
  116. [ubuntu] OGM Muxer pls!
  117. [all variants] Changing the path to the font folder in GIMP
  118. [ubuntu] Independent Film Maker
  119. [ubuntu] USB Video Capture
  120. [ubuntu] Recommend an audio editor...
  121. [kubuntu] Simple video editor for Kubuntu?
  122. [ubuntu] Problems with gphoto2
  123. [gnome] Any other programs like hydrogen, but for other instruments?
  124. [ubuntu_studio] realtime kernel cause ubuntu to lag
  125. [ubuntu] Canon EOS 40D's software on Ubuntu 9.04
  126. [ubuntu_studio] Jack not working in realtime
  127. [ubuntu] Can't Remove Cinelerra
  128. [SOLVED] jackd on a remote host ?
  129. [ubuntu] Help with Ardour and recording from USB (Zoom H4)
  130. [ubuntu] Music Mash Ups
  131. [ubuntu] convert images to pdf
  132. [ubuntu] Audiobox or UA25?
  133. [SOLVED] Subtitles in devede
  134. [ubuntu] Hydrogen drum sampler 'noise'
  135. [ubuntu] Audio applications clarification
  136. [SOLVED] Jack, Audacity, M-Audio Fast Track Pro not working right
  137. [ubuntu_studio] Fresh Hardy install and JACK crashes
  138. [ubuntu_studio] ardour gtk2 won't start
  139. [ubuntu] audio troubles
  140. [ubuntu_studio] Audacity errors
  141. [ubuntu_studio] Ardour Tutorial
  142. [all variants] Questions and musings about music composition on Linux and Windows
  143. [ubuntu] Can't encode with Mencode via h264enc......
  144. [ubuntu] rme hammerfall problems
  145. [ubuntu] Inkscape: convert raster to vector
  146. [ubuntu_studio] Good firewire PC-card for laptop?
  147. [all variants] covert .wmv to a format watchable on basic ubuntu install
  148. [ubuntu] Writing an ISO to a dual layer DVD with 8.04 on an HP DV6500
  149. [all variants] Kontakt, wine, JACK and wineasio
  150. [ubuntu] Gimp png help
  151. [kubuntu] School Newspaper Program
  152. [ubuntu] flv2dvd question
  153. [ubuntu] Need help with ffmpeg installation
  154. [ubuntu] choral music software
  155. [ubuntu] audacity record both mic sound and any sound playing on the system
  156. [ubuntu] Help using DVD Styler, Kino, or other to make DVD
  157. [ubuntu] cinelerra and AVCHD
  158. [ubuntu_studio] should i run *any* updates to keep Ubuntu stable on production critical machine??
  159. [ubuntu] How to convert video dynamically
  160. [ubuntu] What program could I use to record the video from a dazzle capture card?
  161. [ubuntu_studio] Is there any loop station software?
  162. [ubuntu] Babylon Alternate
  163. [ubuntu_studio] JACK Sample Rate Stuck at 16000 Hz, no matter what setup # says...
  164. [ubuntu] Encoding video
  165. [ubuntu] video editor that supports chroma keyer for green screen
  166. [SOLVED] Which codec and file-format should i convert my DVDs to?
  167. [ubuntu_studio] Compiling VST Server 0.3.1 in Ubuntu Studio 9.04
  168. [ubuntu_studio] Having problem with Ubuntu Studio 64, maybe switch back to 32?
  169. [ubuntu] Blender Screencast Problem
  170. [gnome] Photo management similar to Aperture? Gnome based
  171. [ubuntu] Howto? send shoutcast.com stream in realtime from client machine to UPnP device?
  172. [ubuntu] AviDemux to compress AVI ?
  173. [ubuntu_studio] fst hangs in jack after close
  174. [SOLVED] saving workspaces
  175. [ubuntu] Update ffmpeg
  176. [ubuntu] Midi Input
  177. [ubuntu] Animated GIF supported video editor???
  178. [ubuntu] prob with cinelerra
  179. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Stidio same as Ubuntu?
  180. [xubuntu] How to transfer iPod files(Windows/Mac)and make iPhone Ringtone
  181. [ubuntu] audacity help
  182. [ubuntu] USF Format
  183. [ubuntu_studio] Upgraded MB,CPU; latency issues reappeared in JACK
  184. [ubuntu] Noise removal, without sacrificing sound quality
  185. [ubuntu_studio] Installed Studio and now No sound, No wifi
  186. [all variants] Autotune for Ubuntu
  187. [ubuntu] Help with creating a slideshow (CInelerra)
  188. [ubuntu] Why I need to upgrade my alsa drivers each time there is new kernel upgrades
  189. [kubuntu] ...Just don't understand why Digikam is freezing. Help!
  190. [ubuntu_studio] Random lockups w/ Jaunty Studio 64
  191. [ubuntu] MXL USB Microphone with Ubuntu 9.04 and ALSA
  192. [ubuntu] Open Source Flash?
  193. [ubuntu_studio] How do I use VSTs in LMMS?
  194. [ubuntu_studio] Use M-Audio Micro with Ubuntu Studio?
  195. [SOLVED] Get rid of audio pop where there should be silence
  196. [ubuntu] photo slideshow
  197. [ubuntu] Shoutcast streaming
  198. [ubuntu] jackd server won't run
  199. [ubuntu] No sound after latest update
  200. [ubuntu] tascam 122l wont work
  201. [ubuntu] Need help recording sound
  202. [SOLVED] Installing Common Music (CM)
  203. [ubuntu] Hardy Heron and Gimp
  204. [ubuntu_studio] Trouble with Jack, Audio, Midi on 9.04
  205. [SOLVED] Ubuntu Studio does not respond at login screen
  206. [ubuntu_studio] a couple of questions
  207. [ubuntu_studio] How to make a fake band!?
  208. [ubuntu] Proppellerhead Reason 4
  209. [ubuntu] Mp3 mixing software
  210. [ubuntu] Jaunty, Firepod, headaches. :(
  211. [ubuntu_studio] line6linux
  212. [ubuntu] Applying mencoder options?
  213. [ubuntu] Running Jackd - Firewire.... still!!!
  214. Lash Problems
  215. [all variants] Mencoder and GPU processing
  216. [ubuntu] mp3 to video conversion
  217. [ubuntu] Ren'Py (Visual Novel) Doesn't Do Anything
  218. [ubuntu] ffmpeg upgrade
  219. [ubuntu] jahshaka build
  220. [ubuntu] Dirac in ogg with FFmpeg?
  221. [ubuntu_studio] Help please with MuseScore/ZynAddSubFX
  222. [ubuntu] Ardour and Ubuntu
  223. [ubuntu_studio] ardour
  224. [all variants] SwingOSC and SuperCollider network access
  225. [all variants] Animated PNG supported video editor???
  226. [ubuntu] Best App for capturing DV?
  227. [ubuntu] Control panel for sound card required
  228. [other] Where do I find documentation about Hydrogen drumkits?
  229. [ubuntu] Gnome-sound-recorder
  230. [ubuntu] lash 32 bit version
  231. [ubuntu] 2 music files on 1 slideshow??
  232. [SOLVED] Created DVD's are not playable on standard DVD player
  233. [ubuntu] midi convert 2 mp3
  234. [all variants] Shooting tethered?
  235. [ubuntu] ubuntu studio or ubuntu desktop
  236. [SOLVED] USB audio (EDIROL UA-4FX) recognised but not functional
  237. [ubuntu] Hardy Multiboot Realtime kernel question
  238. [ubuntu_studio] behringer usb sound card problems
  239. [ubuntu] M Audio Sound card
  240. [ubuntu] Gnome-Paint
  241. [ubuntu] gimp question
  242. [ubuntu_studio] UPdate manager updated kernel to non-realtime. How to get rt back?
  243. [ubuntu_studio] Audio ADs
  244. [ubuntu] Cross platform encoding
  245. [SOLVED] Problems wav, mp3 export in combination with JACK
  246. [ubuntu] Hydrogen Drum Machine
  247. [SOLVED] HowTo configure 8.04 for Jack part 1
  248. [SOLVED] HowTo configure 8.04 for Jack part 2
  249. [SOLVED] HowTo configure 8.04 for Jack part 3
  250. [ubuntu] Turn 3 dvds into 1