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  1. [ubuntu_studio] Need advice for building a DAW.
  2. [ubuntu] HDMI input card linux
  3. [ubuntu] USB Soundcard for notebook guitar stompbox
  4. [kubuntu] Still cant burn DvD´s to watch in a Dvd palyer
  5. Nautilus script for splitting audio off of a video
  6. [ubuntu] Can i record sound playing through realtek alc268 card?
  7. [all variants] unable to sync Rosegarden and Ardour
  8. [ubuntu] make an entire picture one color
  9. [ubuntu] I need to control my Line6 POD in Gnome!
  10. [ubuntu] OGV to MPG/AVI conversion script help
  11. [ubuntu] Running DC7 audio restoration under Ubuntu
  12. [other] I need help with Campcaster 1.4.0
  13. [ubuntu] Help with recording audio
  14. [kubuntu] How do I Install Gstreamer Plugins for Brasero.??
  15. [ubuntu] can I break a recording of record into tracks?
  16. [SOLVED] Simple Animation Program
  17. [ubuntu] Command to keep only certain segment of a .ogv file required!
  18. [SOLVED] How do I remove audio from a .ogv file via the command line?
  19. [ubuntu] 3d home design software
  20. [kubuntu] Maya 8 Display Garbage - Xorg Driver??
  21. [ubuntu_studio] intermittent RT status in qjackctl
  22. [ubuntu] smplayer jump to another workspace when start to play
  23. [ubuntu] rosegarden and jack... (midi)
  24. [ubuntu] Alternative to Adobe Flash (Not Flash Player)
  25. [ubuntu_studio] New ati driver works with rt kernel
  26. [ubuntu] Still having audio playback problems! pls help...
  27. [all variants] gimpshop compilation issues
  28. [xubuntu] JACK Crashes, XRUN problems?
  29. [ubuntu] Need help recording from stream
  30. [ubuntu_studio] One of the AyeTea guys needs help
  31. [all variants] Peavey PV 8 USB Mixer
  32. [ubuntu] Lexicon alpha audio interface & microsoft webcam
  33. [ubuntu] I need help with Campcaster 1.4.0
  34. [ubuntu_studio] redundant, yet unique: realtime settings
  35. [ubuntu_studio] Studio Dual Boot Installation
  36. [ubuntu] Mencoder doesn't work. Why is it asking for a font file?
  37. [ubuntu_studio] Studio 8.04 Kernel Question
  38. [gnome] Avi file which was encoded by Mencoder is not recognized by portable dvd player
  39. [ubuntu] Tascam US-122 Installation Error
  40. [ubuntu] Scratchy sound when recording music in Audacity
  41. [xubuntu] making slideshow dvd's
  42. [all variants] pdf to html converter
  43. [all variants] Bridge for Linux?
  44. [ubuntu] Blender 2.49a does not display properly. OpenGL problem?
  45. [all variants] Problems with icc monitor profiles
  46. [all variants] DVD/CD duplicator question
  47. [ubuntu] midi not working
  48. [ubuntu] Best JACK setup for ESI Juli@?
  49. [all variants] Choosing laptop for Linux audio
  50. [ubuntu] Xsane, Gimp, F-Spot and .pnm files
  51. [all variants] having trouble printing a business card
  52. [all variants] Audio software with gamepad interface?
  53. [ubuntu_studio] How do I kill Timidity++ ?
  54. [ubuntu_studio] NetJack tools Alsa_in Alsa_out
  55. [ubuntu_studio] rt kernel fail to resume
  56. [all variants] Good Multimedia Production Programs
  57. [ubuntu] Error Installing LMMS
  58. [all variants] How can I convert my pdfs to 'Tagged pdf format'?
  59. [ubuntu] 64bit jackd, wineasio-x, wineasio64, I'm confused
  60. [ubuntu] libSoundTouch lost in Jaunty
  61. [ubuntu] Help me install Cinelerra
  62. [ubuntu_studio] Difficulties lauching Jackd
  63. [ubuntu_studio] Firepod/Jack/Ardour help.......
  64. [ubuntu_studio] Dell laptop+firepod: Which distro to try next?
  65. [ubuntu_studio] Vector Graphics
  66. [mythbuntu] Overall system Qs
  67. [ubuntu] skype like aplicationI
  68. [other] Audacity is MAJORLY borked, won't record
  69. [ubuntu] willing to pay someone to get my soundcard to work properly
  70. [ubuntu] burning iso to taiyo yuden dvdrs from brasero, k3b, growisofs, dvdrecord (on jaunty)
  71. [ubuntu] Issue with K3D
  72. [ubuntu] Burned Audio CDs Won't Play
  73. [ubuntu] It seems to be a bug in PulseAudio
  74. [ubuntu] How to create a dvd from a mpg file?
  75. [all variants] Pentax Remote Assiatant for Ubuntu Linux
  76. [ubuntu] Recommended Audio Capture software
  77. [ubuntu] Audacity- Intermittently working. I don't know what I'm doing.
  78. [ubuntu] Streaming .ogg video on website
  79. [other] Changing Ardour's default theme?
  80. [ubuntu] Jack thousands of xruns in seconds, then crash
  81. [ubuntu] Which programm for creating web site?
  82. [ubuntu] gtk-recordMyDesktop error with Jack
  83. [all variants] edit LARGE picture
  84. [other] Yamaha AW-12 USB Mixer - Please help
  85. [all variants] convert raw .avi to .ogg
  86. [ubuntu] My Sound WORKS But ....
  87. [ubuntu] DVD drive will not work.
  88. [ubuntu] MiniDV through USB?
  89. [all variants] CinePaint 0.24-CVS i386 deb
  90. [ubuntu] Recording via Firewire and Ubuntu 6.06
  91. [ubuntu] Real Producer
  92. [all variants] Simple video editor
  93. [ubuntu] Ideas?(Urgent) I need an animation of a clock running from 13.45 to 14:00
  94. [ubuntu] Audio Platform
  95. [ubuntu] playing/recording my guitar via guitarport in any program
  96. [ubuntu_studio] 64 Studio vs Ubuntu Studio?
  97. [other] Video converter,you can try
  98. [all variants] Edirol FA-101 vs Helix Board 12 FireWire
  99. [ubuntu_studio] Why audio recording on UBUNTU is of better quality?
  100. [ubuntu_studio] PulseAudio RT network
  101. [ubuntu_studio] Noob needs to apply an rt kernel patch
  102. [SOLVED] Connecting an external usb keyboard?
  103. [ubuntu] Jack (or alternative)
  104. [ubuntu_studio] Help eliminating xruns
  105. [ubuntu] idjc for jaunty
  106. [ubuntu] Keyboard for zynaddsubfx
  107. [ubuntu_studio] Jpeg Photo video codec Missing in Blender
  108. [ubuntu_studio] Turning Ubuntu Jaunty into Ubuntu Studio
  109. [ubuntu] Kdenlive repo question
  110. [SOLVED] DVD Multisession problem - GnomeBaker
  111. [ubuntu] DVDS wont play for me
  112. [ubuntu] SPDIF stops working after changing to another song in XBMC
  113. [kubuntu] making a color transparent
  114. [ubuntu] Changing the default aspect ratio of a movie file
  115. [ubuntu] ogg to cda audio CD
  116. [all variants] Wife needs a software to records (sing) opera music
  117. [ubuntu] 9.04 not able to write ISO to DVD+R
  118. [ubuntu] recording desktop + h.264 + .mkv
  119. [all variants] Music programs for kids
  120. [ubuntu] DVD Clip Extractor
  121. [all variants] using Seq24 with wine midi problem(for live performance) one last hitch
  122. [ubuntu] Mixxx 1.6.1 cpu reach 100%
  123. [ubuntu] Dia: How to do poly lines
  124. [ubuntu] ice-cast
  125. [ubuntu_studio] Echo Gina (20bit) trouble
  126. [ubuntu] How to get Timidiy working? (9.04)
  127. [ubuntu] how
  128. Producing videos with a linux netbook, digital camera, and limited bandwidth
  129. [ubuntu] wowza
  130. [all variants] DEVEDE - adding srt subtitle in DVD consisting of multiple files
  131. [ubuntu] Made a Audio Video conversion tool
  132. [ubuntu] Noise Reduction from Built in Videocamera Mike
  133. [ubuntu_studio] m-audio firewire 1814 working?
  134. [ubuntu] .mkv to .mp4 remux - mkvextract and mp4box?
  135. [ubuntu_studio] Firebox Frustration
  136. [ubuntu] adobe software
  137. [ubuntu] How to compile gpac / mp4box from source?
  138. [ubuntu] Linux applications that are comparable to the following
  139. [ubuntu] mp3 playlist
  140. [ubuntu] idjc and djplay
  141. [ubuntu] cinelerra strobes and pixels
  142. [ubuntu] Please Help Cinelerra opposites and boxes
  143. [SOLVED] How to search a folder for similar images in Ubuntu?
  144. [ubuntu] Ardour 2.8.1
  145. [all variants] Cinelerra Viewer window does not play once Compositor is played
  146. [ubuntu] webcam wont work
  147. Discuss the advantage and disadvantage ?
  148. [ubuntu_studio] Headphone setup
  149. [ubuntu] Pulseaudio and Jack recording doesn't work
  150. [SOLVED] Can't import videos to Kino
  151. [ubuntu] What are some good programs for stop motion on Ubuntu?
  152. [ubuntu] ruby gems problem
  153. [ubuntu_studio] Yafaray problem
  154. [ubuntu] Video/audio sync problem in kdenlive
  155. [all variants] Drawing programs for drawing simple diagrams?
  156. [ubuntu] DVDStyler Error
  157. [ubuntu_studio] high CPU usage when JACK and qjackctrl both running
  158. [SOLVED] What is the best way to remove noise from audio in a video using Linux?
  159. [ubuntu] How to use Dak mp3 & wave editor
  160. [ubuntu] Software Rostrum Camera
  161. [ubuntu] libGL - DJV Imaging
  162. [ubuntu_studio] baffling JACK/FFADO problems with Echo AudioFire12
  163. [all variants] I want to create a live internet radio station. Advice?
  164. [ubuntu] Combining several 1.4GB DVD into one 4GB DVD
  165. [ubuntu] problems using m-audio keyboard with ubuntu
  166. [ubuntu_studio] M-Audio 1010lt and MIDI Keyboard
  167. [ubuntu] OSSv4 5.1 Channel Sound - Halp
  168. [ubuntu] ffmpeg unstripped dev packages?
  169. [ubuntu] How do I record sound from my speakers in Audacity?
  170. [ubuntu] Recordmydesktop sound problem in recorded video
  171. [ubuntu] jaunty / ubuntu studio bootable
  172. [ubuntu] making wave files out of rosegarden midi?????????
  173. [ubuntu] Cannot Play This Disk
  174. [ubuntu] kdenlive no video
  175. [ubuntu] what's the best program for animating objects with code, (like flash),
  176. [ubuntu] slideshow software
  177. [ubuntu] Maya 2009 in Ubuntu jaunty Got Crazy
  178. [ubuntu_studio] Can't get Realtime to stick in jack
  179. [ubuntu] VIDEO EDITING in Gnu/Linux
  180. [ubuntu] LemonRip
  181. [ubuntu] Cinelerra dependencies error
  182. [ubuntu] JPG to AVI
  183. [ubuntu] Vocal Remover? Is there one native to linux?
  184. [ubuntu] dbus.mainloop.qt is missing (Ubuntu 8.04)
  185. [ubuntu] PyOpenGL Segmentation fault, Jaunty 9.04
  186. [ubuntu] Kino issue (dv1394)
  187. [all variants] Scanning with just a command line
  188. [ubuntu] No Sound From M-Audio 24/69 PCI Card
  189. [ubuntu_studio] Possible to get good audio performance on external drive?
  190. [ubuntu] DV6T sound Card issue
  191. [SOLVED] SB Audigy 2 ZS with Live Drive issues with VMware workstation 6.5
  192. [kde] Unable to properly install and run energy xt2
  193. [ubuntu_studio] Using USB-MIDI-Controller for all Apps
  194. [ubuntu] k new to this and need to know what is ubuntu.......
  195. [ubuntu] a BETTER HTML Editor?
  196. [ubuntu] KVM switch limits screen resolution in Intrepid
  197. [ubuntu] gtk-recordmydesktop sound
  198. [ubuntu] Gimp: Quick "Save Copy" / Export?
  199. [ubuntu] Disparities with Audacity
  200. [ubuntu] Ram Player
  201. [ubuntu] input selector on AUDACITY on jaunty jackalope
  202. [ubuntu] A WORKABLE DVD burning program - does it exist?
  203. [ubuntu] Convert mpeg4 to AVI or WMV
  204. [other] Starting a forum
  205. [ubuntu] Windows Media Player Alternative?
  206. [ubuntu] MuseScore (Playback help, anyone?)
  207. [all variants] Linux Video Editing System (LiVES)?
  208. [SOLVED] Audiophile 2496 alsa->jack port names...
  209. [ubuntu] various recording problems
  210. [all variants] DJ Software with MIDI Support
  211. [ubuntu_studio] Upgrading from Jaunty to Studio?
  212. [ubuntu] 8.10 intrepid-is K9copy broken?
  213. [ubuntu] Music "listening" software?
  214. [ubuntu] Blender 2.5 beta, video editor
  215. [ubuntu] Line 6 Pod XT issues
  216. [ubuntu] Livestreaming my desktop
  217. [all variants] Qmidiarp & TD-3
  218. [all variants] voip: tried empathy with SIP?
  219. [all variants] Lightscribe patterns?
  220. [SOLVED] For what "Theora 4000k" stands for ? [in Kdenlive]
  221. [ubuntu] k3b audioplugin install problem right at the end any possible help?
  222. [ubuntu] Blender - Video sequence editor audio problem
  223. [ubuntu] Lack of Linux Support by Pro-tools, Ableton Live, Cubase, Cakewalk, etc.
  224. [ubuntu] Gimp Doesn't Work!
  225. [ubuntu_studio] pipe organ help
  226. [all variants] Highlight text in a PDF document (in pdfedit)
  227. [ubuntu] Open Movie Editor - Rendering
  228. Audacity freezes when loading project
  229. [ubuntu] Video Capture card
  230. [ubuntu] kdenlive 2 transitions on one clip
  231. [ubuntu] No sound in NoteEdit
  232. [kde] Ubuntu Studio + KDE
  233. [all variants] Digitally remaster video tapes, 35 mm movies, etc.
  234. [all variants] F-Spot messed up all my picture's dates.
  235. [ubuntu] Sony Digital 8/USB --> Ubuntu 8:04?
  236. [ubuntu] Does a shockwave flash editor for ubuntu linux exist?
  237. [ubuntu] simple video editor for splitting and deleting clips?
  238. [ubuntu] what software should use to convert cda to mp3 files(from audio cd to mp3)
  239. [ubuntu] Any free techno making software?
  240. [ubuntu] Jaunty kernel troubles
  241. [ubuntu] Jaunty burnt DVD's wont play in standalone player
  242. [SOLVED] Microphone jack will not record
  243. [ubuntu_studio] Devede size errors
  244. [ubuntu] Adobe Flash on WINE
  245. [ubuntu_studio] UbuntuStudio: Am I missing something here?
  246. [ubuntu] DeVeDe cannot complete conversion Jaunty 64-bit
  247. [all variants] Finding Errors (Scrathes) in AAC.
  248. [all variants] Rosegarden won't generate ties on MIDI import
  249. [all variants] WineASIO 0.7.4 - 32 and 64 bit DEBs here
  250. [ubuntu] A digital orchestra?